My Poetry


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Feel the flowers ….. feel the wind
Feel the summer’s glow
Let the touch of nature…..
Enrich you … help you flow…..

Phil Sanders


The evening drifts into the night
Subtle changes welcoming the approaching gloom
Shadows of day become the shades of night
Apprehensive …… then emboldened as the moon appears
The tree’s ghostly appearance sharpened by the moonlight
As the gentle breeze sways it’s branches to and fro
Footsteps ring out with a clarity not heard in the daytime
Laughter and amiable sounds float in the distance
The night can bring fear and peace
As the silence settles like a blanket on the world

Phil Sanders


Sunlight filters through the clouds
And sparkles on the sea
Before the rain starts pounding
And I no longer see
The hills and fields across the bay
The wheat and gleaming corn
The clouds have swallowed up the sun
A raging storm is born

The waves are crashing on the rocks
White water surges forth
The boat that was so peaceful
Is listing hard to port
The fisherman is rushing
To get out of the way
Of that stinging, blinding rain
The screaming wind and spray

The wind is tearing at my coat
I feel the awesome power
The rain is soaking through me
The evening’s turning sour
I rush along towards my door
Escaping nature’s blast
I warm myself beside the fire
Thank God I’m home at last

Phil Sanders


Spring floats in on the cataclysmic clouds of Winter
Abundance of light … expelling darkness
Sharpened senses awakened from the gloom
Rays of delight … relief from dreary nights
Abysmal moments replaced by fresh beginnings
Sparkling rebirth from frozen waste
A joyous explosion of crocuses
Avenging the stilted desolation of frost
Engendering new hopes … expectant moments
A reaffirmation of the world

Phil Sanders


The fog settles all around
Mystic and imaginative
Fear and wonder combined…..
Providing a mystery of silent calm

Images of life appear and disappear
Drifting away as though time stands still………
Sound is strangled by the all pervading gloom
The world shut down by the silent mist
And yet … peace and tranquility are there
Through the misty doubts of the corner yet to come……

Phil Sanders


I see a sweep of conifers
Across the mountainside
A waterfall of purity
Down it’s face does glide

The wind … it freshens up my mind
And drives away the day
For now its falling eveningtime
And time for me to play

Each stride across the rocky land
Walks troubles far afield
I let the glorious beauty
Into my soul … and yield

The world is just a distant shore
Banished for this night
I’ll walk a thousand pleasures
Before the dawn breaks light

Phil Sanders


The heady scent of the honeysuckle fills the air
In the cool freshness of the evening
Still … after the burning heat of the day
The rivers of perspiration now run dry
The body … quiet and refreshed after the furnace

Clouds … drifting towards the dying sun
Drawn … like a moth to the flame
Contemplation … satisfaction … at the deeds of the day
Pleasant … gentle …peace

The breeze refreshes and rekindles the mind
Revived … for the last thoughts before sleep
Lively summer … you make the day longer and more fulfilling
Sleep bright sun … but promise to rise again tomorrow … refreshed
… to summon us to yet another lovely day….

Phil Sanders


Sheep huddled against the wall for warmth
Hiding from the biting blast of winter
The wind … hurling itself against the trees
Whose roots cling to the frozen soil
For a moment the sun glances down
But returns to shield itself behind the clouds
As the ravages of the winters storm rage on
Filling the valley with its frozen waste

A glacial eeriness pervades the air
Broken only by the screaming wind
As it cries for ever more fervent effort
To tear away the toils of man
But … when it abates … the virgin white land
Returns to peace and frozen rest

Phil Sanders


The vivid thoughts of autumn
Are falling from the trees
Exquisite shades of colour
As the summer flees
To brighten up those foggy days
Before the winter’s blight
Which makes us feel as cold as ice …
As everywhere is night

Phil Sanders


The raging sunset burns the sea
Across the waves it flits so free
Dancing fire and light so bright
It welcomes in the wrath of night

Phil Sanders


The blackbird sings his song at night
To let the whole world know…
That he’s had a lovely day
And now it’s time to go
To sleep … so that in the morning
As the dawn breaks through
He will sing to waken us
And seek some worms for food
And make his nest and rear his young
Until the summer goes
And they have grown and fled the nest
Before the autumn shows …
The way to winter and its chills …
The coldness and the frost
The hard times waiting for the Spring
To melt the ice and host ….
The dawning of another start
When he will sing with cheer
Of another summer …..
Of another year ……

Phil Sanders


The river flows mellifluously
The mountains sing of Spring
The resonance of nature
Around my head does ring

The butterflies are dancing
For Summer’s pure delight
The owls hoot quite mysteriously
At the coming of the night

The birds are flashing here and there
Their young ones to be fed
Not resting till the moon is high
At last to reach their bed

The badger shuffles aimlessly
As daylight rays do glow
Awaits the gleam of moonlight
When for his food he’ll go

The salmon fly like eagles
Across the vicious weirs
To spawn and recreate
As they’ve done for years and years

My footsteps echo round me
As I walk the riverside
Such eager busy creatures
In … around the waters wide

The river brings a message
From the hills so far away
To the estuary and open sea
Each and every day

I revel in this beauty
Nature’s industry so free
Each day it breathes new life
So deep inside of me

Phil Sanders


Scudding clouds across the sky
Summertime … when hopes are high
Courting lovers … hand in hand
Walking slowly … ‘cross the sand

Flowers waving in the breeze
Birds are singing … leafy trees
People sitting in the sun
Children shouting … having fun

Happiness … a glow surrounding
Everything … all hearts are pounding
Because this is the time of year
Hope’s immortal … everywhere

Phil Sanders


Fleeting images
Dead of night
Glittering moon
Burst of light

Whispering breeze
Owls in flight
Glistening dewdrops …
Lovely sight

Phil Sanders


Tossed on the sea … the battered wreck
Shifts and creaks … with broken deck
What tales of far beyond this shore
What secrets held … from days of yore

The cargoes carried … spices … fleece
The dreams of those who sighted Greece
A sunrise over far Malay
A blinding storm near old Bombay

The hopes of many stowaways
Fleeing … wishing better days
The searing sight … when in full sail
Flattened by a screaming gale

The loving way … your timbers sleek
Were burnished by your sailors … weak
As round the Horn … you stormed on past
The wicked winds … and icy blasts

But now it ends in ignominy
Crushed and shattered … by your loving sea
No more to wild, wide oceans roam
The deep will be your final home

Phil Sanders