My Poetry


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Morning Glory

The world now stands with bated breath
Awaits those shards of light
As if it fears that day won’t come
And we will stay with night
But then the shafts of light appear
Along with that great orb
Arising like a knight of old
The darkness to absorb
It breathes new life into the day
With encompassing delight
The woes of darkness fall away
Replaced by sweet sunlight
Oh praise the Lord for such display
The colours are supreme
And when my mind will sleep again
This awakening I will dream

Phil Sanders


What does life bring? Changes … storms or sailboats … no one knows
Walk the waves and seek the light
Your future is within your hands
Wait not for tomorrow .. it will never come

Phil Sanders


Subtle brushstrokes across the landscape
The panda’s beckoning eyes drawing you into the majesty of the scene
Raging torrents of the Yangtse as the fluidity of the seasons storm by
The barren coldness of the winter and kaleidoscope of summer
Golden eagles rake the sky looking for prey
As the camels stride through the oceans of sand
Scarlet cranes contrast the endless paddy fields
Filling the air with their plaintive cries
Ancient and modern clash and are put back to before
As nature’s will is once more seen to overcome
A wild and entrancing dance of forever
That will always prevail
The Great Wall meandering through life
Stories of yesteryear etched in its face
A majesty of history but still alive today
As its permanence shines from space
A wild and magical land
Full of promise and regret
Ever changing and evolving
In a firmament of hope

Phil Sanders


Wrapped in the virginal shrouds of Winter
The land lies silent and fallow.. only the bird’s breathing to be heard
The furrows of Autumn buried in a breathless white
Awaiting the drips of freedom that Spring will bring
And as the melting drops turn into a flow of hope
The first shoots of renewal thrust to the increasing blue sky
Touched by the fingers of sun … caressed into life
The growth spreads like a storm
An orgy of green burnished with yellow and white tips
As the final frosts of darkness are banished
And the warmth returns to the soil
Awake now and enjoy the freshness in the air
A stark and vivid contrast to the cold
As beasts and man alike stretch and feel renewed
With Spring’s incessant march towards rebirth

Phil Sanders


Awaking to the softness of your skin
Its warm and sensual ways
Is always comforting
Like a blanket of contentment
I stroke you gently
And feel the stirrings of morning within you
Our love flowing between us
As our bodies mould into one
Your breathing is shallow and restful
As my fingers play a tune across your silky back
I feel the birth of a new day
And the rebirth of our everlasting love
That first kiss engenders a kaleidoscope of emotions
Tender, soft fiery and passionate
As my body aches for yours
In the fulfilment of our love

Phil Sanders