My Poetry


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A subtle furnace grazing the hill
Kissing the sea and standing quite still
A breath of air just a moment away
As you watch the world and its gentle sway

Phil Sanders


At Christmastime
The gentle clime
Should fill our hearts
With peace sublime

And set our thoughts
Away from strife
To think of Jesus
And a gentle life

To banish fears
Felt through the year
And see the future
Bright and clear

So banish woe
Let love appear
And cherish those
You hold so dear

Phil Sanders


The power of the Thunder God courses my veins
Searing flashes …. Torrents of rain
I stand and feel it’s energy
A power as great as eternity
I stretch … imploring … hands held high
Idolatry to a leaden sky
It fills me with such awesome power
This storm at midnight’s witching hour
Stinging raindrops lash my face
A sodden man in the storm’s embrace
Bewitched by all it’s majesty
A moment’s madness to set me free

Phil Sanders


VE Day and voting … may seem worlds apart
But rights bought by their blood … gave us all a start
A chance for new beginnings … a chance to get things right
A chance to break the shackles …to grasp freedom’s searing light

But when you look around … and see the world today
It makes you realise … some things will always stay
The conflicts will keep happening … tearing man from man
Famines, earthquakes, tragedies … will never leave our lands

But if you look at history … remember Suffragettes
Remember sacrifice in war … and freedom fighting jets
Then use the power votes give you … think about that mark
Because it is your chance … to make the light from dark

Phil Sanders


Does childhood prepare us for this life?
To be a friend … a husband … or a wife
Do we retain the innocence of youth?
Or … become enslaved by world bent truth
Do we remember to forgive … forget?
Or … become ensnared within revenge’s net
Does age allow us to return to children’s dreams?
Only if our heart is open …. so it redeems

Phil Sanders


Accepting who you are
Enjoying what you feel
Abandoning perception
Knowing you are real

The freedom that flows from you
The life force so unique
The pleasure that that is evident
Whenever you both speak

The lively conversation
That flows so easily
The force of your conviction
Does so appeal to me

I thank you both for sharing
Your time and thoughts with me
I wish you every happiness
Throughout eternity

Phil Sanders


Dark and mysterious
The building sits and dies
Where once was laughter
And gentle babies’ cries
A towering monolith
That once held people’s lives …
Is now an empty shell
Only hearing cat’s faint cries
Lifetimes lived within it
Only now to mourn …
As the bulldozers finally crush it …
With the coming of the dawn

Phil Sanders


They gave their lives so we’d be free
To wander o’er the lonely sea
No more to fear the bombs and mines
Peace again … within our time
So … as the poppies reappear
Remember those who gave so dear
And as you feel the drops of rain
Let not their sacrifice be in vain

Phil Sanders


Sunlight filters gently through the trees
Falling on the footsteps of the lovers …
As they walk through the pathway of life
Hands held softly as they experience each other
Togetherness … on the road to ecstasy
Offering a way to their dreams and fulfilment
As they revel in their world together
Oblivious to the wind and rain of other’s tears and frustration

Phil Sanders


At Christmas time we think of things
Like pretty lights and balls of string
Will Santa find his way to us?
By reindeer’s sleigh … or just by bus!

Will he remember what’s in vogue
Adidas and Nike clothes
Spice Girls in? … or are they out?
Will I get a ball to clout?

Little girls’ eyes shine with joy
Thinking of that special toy
A little doll that wets and cries
Grandma’s eyebrows rise and rise …..

Young boys want United’s kit
Which is newest .. does it fit?
Dreaming of that goal they’ll score
Hear the crowd’s almighty roar ….

Mom gets perfume … Dad gets socks…
Grandma gets a jewellery box
Grandad puffs his pipe and sighs …
Hankies yet again …. Surprise!!

But spare a thought when Christmas cheers
Remember why for all these years ….
We really celebrate this way …..
Jesus Christ was born this day

Phil Sanders

(Performed at St Michael’s Workington – Christmas 1997)


And so the pleasures’ sorrow begins again
So I may sit and wonder …. Where and when?….
The peace and love I ache for …. oh so deep….
Will come to me …. and with it … gentle sleep ….

Phil Sanders


Flickering light within the mind
Forcing us to seek and find
The reason for the opening door
Search for it …. And learn some more ….

Phil Sanders


The years grow swifter on the trees
The Spring is just a passing breeze
Summer ‘s here and wanes so fast
The Winter is the one that seems to last

My hair like salt and pepper spray
Time is such a fleeting day
Each birthday spins around the loom so soon
The light soon fades from bright to gloom

Memories are harder now to see
Moments that were looked upon with glee
Run rapidly through the fingers of my mind
Until upon the floor I search to find

But with the passing age comes gentle calm
Just like an ever soothing balm
Reflections ripple all around the pool
As life takes on such symbiotic cool

Phil Sanders


The rattle of the trains
As they go thundering by
Sitting … wondering where they’re going
To where the people fly

To businesses and meetings
Holidays and shows
The sound of clacking carriages
As life … just passing … flows …..

Phil Sanders


The shadow of the thinking man
Dreams of the future … many plans
A time to wait … and sit and hope
Until the time allows for scope …..

Phil Sanders


I am a tap …………………………..
Everyone turns on my nourishment and love
But when my tank is empty …..
I have to replenish it alone

Phil Sanders