My Poetry


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The brilliant glow of the sun
As it burns itself into your memory
Bouncing off the shimmering waves
Eternal … in its magnificence

Your dream light up with that orb
Firing your imagination to greater heights
Until … it sets beyond … forever
Leaving your dreams to smoulder …
… as embers in the dying flame

Phil Sanders


The seasons change our moods within ourselves
Sometimes we are so open … then withheld
The summer sings within our brightest days …
But winter can distil such darkened days

We seek to understand our life on earth
And sometimes question how much we are worth …
But living life as fully as we may …
Will leave us feeling bright in all we say

It is not always possible to smile
The knocks will sometimes slow us for a while …
But if we seek the beauty nature shows…
We will recover from those ghastly blows

To see the shimmering sea in summer’s haze
To feel the re-awakening of spring’s days …
To watch kaleidoscopic leaves of fall
To revel in the snow of winter’s squall

Relive your life with memories so sweet
Enjoy the pleasures that will make you feel replete
Thank God you see and feel and taste …..
For life should never be a waste

Phil Sanders


My mind refuses sleep
Portraying life in all its shades
Reminding me of all that is …
And all that maybe in the years to come

Rainbows of opportunity colour my thoughts
Exuding roads to choose … and stop
Some with light shining bright within
Others with darkest portents … in shadow

Clear mountain streams sparkle and run
Salmon spawning ideas as they flow …
Upon the rivers of mystery and desire
Washing down the eyes that seek

Will the mists clear and elucidate?
Or… will the fog of doubt cloud the judgement
Making that step into the unknown …
A chasm of worry and despair

But now the lightning of reason sparks the sky
Flashing its message with bolts of certainty
Allowing decisions of such clarity …
That burn the procrastination away

Phil Sanders


I open the box with trepidation and exhilaration
Memories burst through my eyes … into my mind
Love fells me like an axe to a tree ………
I drown in a deep sea of emotion

Photographs … images of perfection and happiness
Smiling eyes light up my heart
Feelings burn into my soul ….
You are with me again

Rivers of tears make patterns on my cheeks
Dropping like rain from clouds of recollections
I close the lid on my life …
And place it back in the cupboard of hope

Phil Sanders


Watch my face crumble from laughter to tears
As my joy is replaced by irreparable fears
So close … the feelings high and low
Takes so little to change the flow……

Phil Sanders


The Lorelei of love ……….
Calls us onto the rocks of our emotions
Place your trust in the waves of your feelings …
And feel the flow of togetherness

Phil Sanders


The vibrant fruits of youth ………
Mature … and shed fallow seeds
Where once the stream flowed pure and clear
The waters are now muddied and unsure
Idealism is replaced by cynicism
Ambition is cooled by freezing realism
Hope is seen through a dirty window…
To where despair flourishes on the weed filled lawn of life …

Phil Sanders


Cataclysmic emotions
Spin round and round
Inside my head …
Never making a sound

Eternal impressions …
Deep … deep inside
However I try …
From them I can’t hide

Outwardly calm …
Turmoil within
Despite the despair …
I’ll never give in

Phil Sanders


Oxford … Cambridge … elitist dreams
Often less than what they seem
Insignificant … in a world of strife
The best Degree comes from …
the University of Life

Phil Sanders


I started the day fed up
I hope to be thoroughly depressed quite soon
And if I’m really lucky …
I’ll be totally suicidal by Noon!!

Phil Sanders


Remember each and every day
The things that you’re about to say
The words that tumble from your mind
Can cause effects … and you will find
You wish you’d kept them just as thought
The comments that have made them fraught
So temper all the speeches made …
Make sure that you have always weighed …
Expressive dialogue so deep …
So that … nightly … you may sleep

Phil Sanders


The billowing, flowing flood of pain
The incandescent tearing at the heart
The pain that drips incessantly within
The pain of hope … the pain of loss

Phil Sanders


Standing by the lakeside
The mountains towering high
The sun … an orb of light
High up in the sky
Lovers in the rowboats
Oars within the water
Making dancing patterns
Like windswept leaves in autumn
Then the whistling wind
Tumbles down the valley
Sweeping all before it
You’ll not want to tarry
Wishing to rush home again
To a roaring fire
Hot tea and toasted crumpets
A loved one to desire

Phil Sanders


Forty odd years … since I was born here
Just a blip in the life of the world … I fear
Such memories evoked as I drive into town
Some buildings have changed … some fallen down
But the strength of the city and its friendly attire ...
Gives me a warm glow … like a welcoming fire
It will always be home … familiar and free
Fill me with excitement … enjoyment and glee
The friends that I knew here … those I still do …
Will welcome me warmly and so kindly too
Wherever you wander … wherever you roam
The place of your birth will still feel like home

Phil Sanders


Watch a child … see their face
Full of innocence and grace
So expressive … so engrossed
Playing games they love the most
Enquiring eyes … enquiring mind
Wanting to learn about all they find
Giving love to us so freely
Makes us know so very deeply …
Why we love them all our days
And their simple, lovely ways
Even when they have grown up
We can never ever stop …
Wanting to protect and shield …
…them from the bad things in the world
Even though it makes us yearn
We always know that they must learn
On their own … making life
In their own image … love or strife

Phil Sanders