My Poetry


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The rays of sunshine filter through the trees
The flowers sit … expectant for the bees
The grass is lush and green
Nature reigns supreme
On this gentle summer’s day
The dragonfly flits on
Across the peaceful pond
Searching out its food
A quiet and restful mood
Across the graceful millpond still
Tranquility is sought
For this cannot be bought
Only found in such serenity
And I hope that I will see ….
The moonlight that will light my path to home

Phil Sanders


The hour glass of life ticks away like an incessant metronome
Speeding up when we experience enjoyment
Slowing down … painfully at times of hurt and anger
And … as the days of our life lengthen
We should learn to treasure those moments of happiness
Not looking forward or back
But drinking in those pleasures
Locking those fleeting moments into our soul
To be relived and enjoyed when life seems to flow against us
When nothing seems to be going right
… weighed down by the black storms of despair
The counterbalance … to provide sanity in times of need

Phil Sanders


Sleepy suburbia
Poplar lined roads
Safety in numbers
Row after row

Neat little hedges
Manicured lawns
Clean Morris Minors
To look on and fawn

Church on a Sunday
In best pristine clothes
Out of the ordinary
Always opposed

Drinks on a Saturday
Down at the pub
The local’s the place
Right at the hub

Holidays at Brighton
Paignton or Skegness
Abroad for some sunshine?
No – what a mess!

Leafy suburbia
Free from all strife
Order and manners
A boring old life?

Phil Sanders


The town is hushed as I walk through the night
My footsteps echoing around the empty streets like a drum
The rain begins to fall …. running down my face
Mingling with the tears across my cheeks …
A salty, soulful river

It awakens my mind to thoughts of you
And the happiness that escapes me
Like sand running through my fingers
I try to catch it in my hand …
But it is elusive and tantalising
So near .. and yet so far

I see my face reflected in the puddles …
Shattered to a thousand pieces as the raindrops fall …
Like my hopes and dreams
But then … the clouds are blown away …
And the puddles settle to a perfect reflection
Maybe …… one day ……

Phil Sanders

GUERNICA (Inspired by Robert Capa's famous photo)

The moment of death personified in an oft remembered pose
His body lifted … right off his toes
The bullet stopped the picture… stopped his life
An unnamed man … with children and a wife
Reprinted ‘cross the world a thousandfold
No more to sense the spring … or flowers hold
Futility unbounded …. life snuffed out
But still we waste more lives .. with war’s obscene rout

Phil Sanders


In the eloquence of the evening
I enjoy the freedom’s feeling
Away from all the pressures of the day
Some time for relaxation
An easy soft sensation
Before the twilight finally slips away

And as my eyelids close
And I settle for repose
I let the good things wash all over me
The candle of the day
Is finally burnt away
And sleep will come and gently set me free

Phil Sanders