My Poetry


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Sparkling eyes shine in my mind
And as I search the more I find
The gentleness that life portrays
Enhancing each and every day
To see the vision of the earth
Appreciating what its worth
To feel the rebirth of the sun
Each morning as the day’s begun
To see the myriad shades of green
Amongst the trees where light has been
To watch the clouds go rolling by
As once again they paint the sky
To feel the summer’s breeze around
And listen to its glorious sound
And by the shore the ocean deep
Can be so lovely you can weep
For nature makes the whole world shine
So stop and look and take your time

Phil Sanders


The crisp white snow
Falls on the silent wilderness
Calling out beauty
To the hills around
Its silvery magic
Touches your heart
And gives such peace
To a bustling world

Phil Sanders


The mist surrounds the mountainside
Bewitching all around
The eerie fog pervades
A simple silent sound
And through the glistening whitening
A deer appears so soft
And snow falls gently down
From pine trees far aloft

Phil Sanders


See the mountains .. feel the breeze
Watch the wind blow through the trees
Let your mind flow with the clouds
Shout your feelings right out loud
Run around the room .. no fears
Laugh and if you need .. cry tears
Let your thoughts run wild and free
Give yourself your sympathy
Don’t let people say no way
If your psyche needs that day
Be true to yourself always
Never doubt the paths and ways…
That your spirit leads you to
You will find its right for you

Phil Sanders


Be like the eagle on the wing
And let your mind aspire
To all the things within you
That you seek and so desire
Allow the thoughts to pour like rain
Across your windswept mind
And as the droplets form
A picture will unwind

Phil Sanders


The darkness cloaks the world
As the rumbling storm does grow
White razors incandescent cross...
The blackened sky in flow
The lashing rain regenerates
The dry and arid land
And rivers form in torrents
Driving on the grains of sand

Phil Sanders


The gates are open
My mind is free
My cloak of work
Slips away from me
My step springs forth
As now I go
Into to the world
And free rein flows

Phil Sanders


Plumbing the depths of despair
No light pervades the gloom
A feeling of such helplessness
The proximity of doom
To drag the mind from in the pit
The slough of such despond
Will take enormous character
To make them now respond
But when the seeds of kindness
Are sowed amidst the dark
They reap such wondrous magic
And the contrast is so stark

Phil Sanders


And as the sun does slowly rise
A smile begins to cross my eyes
The hues and shafts of light so bright
Do banish all of darkest night
And so the day now slowly dawns
To bless the lives of doves and fawns
Enlightening the shadows deep
Now finally to banish sleep

Phil Sanders


Caressing your back like a sweet summer breeze
Brushing your lips like whispering trees
Holding your hand like a flower in spring
Feeling your heartbeat like the birds when they sing
Touching your face like a soft wave ashore
Kissing your skin like a wide ocean’s roar
Loving you gently like the bells when they ring
Holding you close like soft gossamer wings

Phil Sanders


The sky goes dark and rain does fall
The thunder beckons .. the lightning calls
But wait.. what’s happened? .. the rain abates
And heaven’s smile makes clouds just wait
What strange sensations in the sky
One moment dark .. then off clouds fly
The river split ….between the moods
One moment soft .. and then it broods
A day of atmospheric gloom
Replaced at once by sunshine’ bloom

Phil Sanders


The falling leaves … shrouded in history
Caught up in the swirling mists of time
Memories of a summer sun….
Warming them … whilst the rain…
Filled them with goodness and shine
A moment as a footstep touches the leaves…
Treading softly from above….
A figure in a shrouded hood …
Walking quickly through the wood
What mystery envelops them…
As they pass through the trees
Moving to a new time in life..
Another moment in the millennium
Only the leaves know ….
Only the leaves will remember ….

Phil Sanders


The melody.... lingers in the air
As I watch the sunlight on your hair
As softly the summer breeze
I touch your arm and gently squeeze
The notes are flowing like a stream
Reminding me where we have been
Exquisite sounds that fill my ears
With soothing music from the years
And now our lips like gentle snow
Melt into one… so soft and slow
And passion's deep but subtle glow
Makes time just drift and softly flow
And so we walk amongst the trees
A night appears as daytime flees
The warmth of summer still around
To match the beauty of night's sounds
And hand in hand we see the moon
And now that soon .. so very soon
The night will swallow us inside
As one we watch our own life's tide

Phil Sanders


I see the palm tree swaying
As the sun glints on the sand
My back is warm and comfortable
And the grains run through my hand
A cloud is drifting lazily
Across the perfect azure sky
And all I have to do
Is lie back and watch it fly
The yacht meanders slowly
Across the glistening bay
I know that life is peaceful
On that glorious summer day

Phil Sanders


The sea breeze blowing in my face
I set a fairly steady pace
As on the cliff top path I stride
The way is narrow … never wide
And all at once a hidden cove
Takes my eye and lets it rove …
To all the beauty there below
As nature all its wonders shows
So peaceful … gentle … by the sea
Its wonder now encompass me…
And as the sun sets slowly down
No more my face the furrowed frown …

Phil Sanders


If we don’t dream then how will we….
Cross the world and feel so free
Within our mind the swell and storm
Of yearned for wishes now does form
To far flung places in the sun
To projects that we wish we’d done
To memories that we want one day
To people ….who we want to say…
I’m glad we met and now I know…
That all these thoughts and dreams I’ll sow…
Upon the four winds and the sea
Where everyone believes in me

Phil Sanders


Ice cream and jelly
Soft summer rain
Roaring log fires
The banks of the Seine
A white sandy beach
An eagle on high
Gold autumn leaves
A bright azure sky
Mom’s treacle pudding
Buttered fresh bread
The first goal I scored
A nice big warm bed
Contrails in motion
Laughter inside
Kind hearted people
Holiday rides
Morning dew sparkling
Fields of bright corn
Crystal clear streams
Breathtaking dawns

Phil Sanders


The choir of saxophones filled the air
Resounding round the walls so fair
A heavenly chorus singing loud
Surrounded by a breathless crowd
Alone a melody danced around
A sweet and glorious resonant sound
The angels dance amongst the eaves
As the music cascades like falling leaves

Phil Sanders


The silky rays caress the land
Once more the day is near at hand
Exploding light just fills my mind
Such beauty there for all mankind

Phil Sanders


Words enter my soul
Pervading my mind
Opening doors
Letting me find…
Hidden treasures there…
Awaiting discovery
Filling my senses
Aiding recovery
A myriad moments
Locked in those lines
Immortalised there
For now and all time

Phil Sanders


Hustle… bustle .. steaming… black
The tugs are rushing forth and back
Moving cranes… towing docks
Racing round the wooden blocks
Steering ships from near and far
Bringing wood and motor cars
Power in such a little shell
Spreading waves and working well

Phil Sanders


The shimmering sands
The azure sky
A waving palm
Clouds drifting by
A yacht sails on
Beneath the sun
The footsteps deep
Where some have run
A seagull’s cry
From high above
Lovers walk
They’re so in love
The lapping waves
Between your toes
The sultry wind
Your hair it blows
The peace beyond
The glistening sea
The chance to dream
For eternity

Phil Sanders


Life is a meandering river
Falling over rocks
Swinging around bends
Transporting twigs
Carrying boats
Washing clothes
Enduring storms
Sometimes in full flow …
Sometimes still and calm
But through it all
It remains constant and unbowed
You are part of life’s river
Staying the course
Fording the white water
And dreaming your dreams…
Around the next bend …
Under the next bridge ..
Flow fully and firm…
And know that eventually …
You will reach the sea of fulfilment

Phil Sanders


On high the snow melts slowly in the sun
Winters chills now banished by the summers rays
The waterfalls flow swiftly down the mountainside
As night is banished by eternal days
The sun dips to touch the blue horizon
But never disappears from mortal’s view
Its permanence a visual reminder
Of warmth and such an incandescent hue

Phil Sanders


Deafening silence as the sun peeks on the world
The snow capped tops start glistening in its rays
Such beauty that transforms as light alights
Enchanting all our senses every day
And so the lapping waves refresh the shore
As life begins to stir in daylight’s wake
The birds sing with mellifluous voice
And nature gives the earth a gentle shake

Phil Sanders


The Nordic sky shines blue across the bay
Enhancing light and snow with morning’s rays
Reflections like a sheet of silver glass
Now shimmering from the great leviathan’s pass
The air is crisp and clean as Odin breathes
As gently it does whisper through the trees
Imagination fired so clear within my mind
Upon the snow topped caps I soon will find
A Valkyrie with flowing golden hair
Her sword upraised to heaven’s glorious glare
And through the vastness… bright I can behold
The glistening sun now on the water bold…..

Phil Sanders


The poppies sway lugubriously in the summer breeze
Beneath… the white stone memories of those lost overseas
The summer sun still parching… their bones so young yet frail
And less come every year … to walk down war’s slow trail
The waste and devastation now fades down grassy paths
Dimming the revulsion of such appalling maths
How many saw their futures .. blown away by shrapnels roar
Losing time with loved ones … pushing open heaven’s door

Phil Sanders


The sunrise shatters the dark
Starting the day with a spark
That grows into a celestial orb
And seeks all the night to absorb
Rippling across rivers wide
Filling the house deep inside
With light and glorious warm
It makes you glad to be born

Phil Sanders


Slowly on the wing ... into the sun's bright rise
The eagle soars majestically ….to drift and to surmise
He sees the mighty oceans and the mountains far away
Aloft he'll spend the morning… resting in the heat of day ..

Phil Sanders


My footsteps splash as through the rain I plough
The shards of ice slash hard across my face right now
But freedom shouts from all the rooftops near
A ringing loud endorsement do I hear
The cold within my being warming slow
As further through the night my walk does go
A blast of air within my mind so clear
As all the ghostly images appear
The past I feel surrounds me in the trees
I listen to the people’s wailing pleas
But through it all I see the light from yonder glass
As someone else’s sanctuary I pass

Phil Sanders


Watch the moonglow, see it shine
Walk the path alone in time
Feel the space amongst the trees
Touch the leaves, feel the breeze
Let your mind run free as air
Take the moment whilst its there
Make your strides along the path
Never fear the night time wrath
Live the peace that stills the night
Know that you could still take flight
To the place within your mind
Where only you know what you’ll find

Phil Sanders


Your hair flows across the pillow like a mountain stream
Moonlight resting on your face still deep in sleep
Eyelids flutter like a bird as dreams unfold
The restful mind still in creative mood

The smile that plays upon your lips foretells
The pleasures in the thoughts of night
Unspoken words begin to fill a book
Of wishes, passion, needs and deep desires

Your body shifts with sinuous ease
As each new picture now unfolds
Your nakedness a beauty to behold
As rhythmic movement sensuously begins

The visions that will now invade your soul
Feeling oh so real in dead of night
The pleasures that the stories tell
Will leave their mark so soft as morning comes

A faint but shining film of nightly dew
Has formed upon your silken skin
Reflecting all the dreams that did unfold
Within your heart whilst darkness lay

And as your eyes once more perceive the day
With shining light that now instils your brain
A moment will send shivers down your spine
As dreamt of deep desires are left behind

Phil Sanders


You soar on the thermals
Sweeping across the valleys of desire
Eyes glinting in the sunlight
As your prey of fulfilment hangs below

The words drift into your ears
Filling your psyche with interest
Tingling your wings with expectation
And your belly with fire

Your needs are varied
Carnal, cerebral, comforting
You strive to attain all
But sometimes it is beyond your grasp

Fly higher sweet angel
Seek the rarified air
You will succeed, you will feel your soul
Fulfilment will be yours

Phil Sanders


Your mind is sullen and confused
Your heart is black with pain
Your day is raining problems
You feel a bit insane

But lift your mind above the clouds
And seek the sun above
For I am always here for you
With tenderness and love

Phil Sanders


The storm brews and the wind howls
Your face is battered by by the rain
But it frees you from the shackles of the world
Clearing a path in your mind to nirvana
You smile as you fight the raging storm
Your being exudes joy at the tearing rain
Your inner peace rejoices
At the freedom nature brings
The trickling brook with cold clear water
The freshness of the mountain air
Fling open your mind to contentment
And the peace within your life

Phil Sanders


The crescent moon looks at the wintry scene
As snow lies softly white and clean
The stillness all pervading now at night
A wondrous peaceful calming sight
Nature resting quietly it seems
As people lie in bed amongst their dreams
A moment in the madcap world we know
To let our thoughts just drop and quietly sow….

Phil Sanders
(This poem was requested by Cwetlana Mar from the Photoforum website to go with one of her lovely photographs)


Hope is like the star in the sky
Sometimes fading behind a cloud
Then shining brightly and so clear
It makes your heart burst with joy
Faith feeds its light
Desire will keep it glowing
Time will see it still in place
Until you reach out to grasp it

Phil Sanders