My Poetry


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The brooding sky pervades my mind
Encouraging me to seek and find
The inner self that’s hidden there
Creative juices showing flair
It spins my head and flies around
I call out loudly but .. no sound
For I must feel the passion there
And not expect to to be prepared
To find those silken moments deep
Which stay so silent and asleep
To let the magic then unfold
Which lets the stories then be told
Imagination running free
As all of it released from me
To let the world see through my eyes
The wondrous visions I do spy
To share the pleasures that I feel
Freeing all creative zeal

Phil Sanders


The soft and subtle light
As night falls on the Loch
It wakens all the memories
Of those who passed there oft
The gentle blues and greens
With purple in the moors
Will fill the mind with thoughts
As eagles rise and soar
The life that was not easy
But filled with days of toil
As each one tried to eke
A life from out the soil
But still you feel the beauty
As the sun fades from the sky
And all those mingled colours
Invite night to come by

Phil Sanders


The slow and temperate river
Is flowing gently by
And all around are clouds
As they float across the sky
A peaceful interlude
During Monday’s mad typhoon
As paper mountains fly
Across the desks so soon
The telephones are jangling
As furrowed brows declare
That everyone is wishing
They’d rather not be there
Their thoughts are madly chasing
Back to the weekend’s fun
When they could all relax
And rest under the sun
With time to just lie back
As leisure reigned supreme
The only thing that mattered
Was the strength of that sunscreen!

Phil Sanders


So when the world encloses me
And life is hard to bear
I drink the depth of morning
Its beauty rising there
The slow unending progess
Of that rich and powerful orb
Across the sky it travels
My mind can now absorb
And listen to the chorus
Of the wind and sea and air
Whilst no one else is near me
I am sole and I declare….
That nature’s wondrous beauty
Is a tonic every day
I watch the glorious moments
As it sings in every way
I hear the seagulls crying
And watch the rabbits play
To bring me consolation
At the dawning of the day

Phil Sanders


The Summer storm is brewing
The clouds are gathering round
And all across the sky
Is a cacophony of sound
The lightning flashes sharply
And splits the sky in two
From the sparks of Gaia’s eyes
As they turn the darkest hue
Nature at its fiercest
Reminding man once more
Whatever he invents
Is a drop on ocean’s floor
So marvel at the strength
Revel in the sight
For Nature’s glorious powers
Are showing all their might

Phil Sanders


Her head upon the pillow
The eyes are lost in thought
A slightly furrowed brow
Some feelings slightly fraught
The day will open soon
As the sun breaks through the clouds
And life will seem much better
Without night’s darkened shrouds
The daylight will awaken
The joy that life can be
As corn sways in the meadows
And clouds float over seas
A freshening wind will carry
All those nightmares far away
And leave her with contentment
On a lovely Summer’s day

Phil Sanders


The ghostly apparitions
That appear from in the mist
The sun is striving manfully
To make the fog desist
An eerie painful silence
Falls across the river scene
The night is finally banished
But the daylight’s still unseen
I hear the pounding motor
Of a morning fishing boat
As it searches through the whiteness
For its catch as nets do float
The sun is finally seen
As a hazy soft red glow
And slowly mist is lifting
As the day begins to show

Phil Sanders


And softly as the gentle rain
Falls slowly on the window pane
I watch the running rivulets
As each makes tracks and little sets
I let my mind drift far away
To where the sun shines every day
To where the gentle breezes blow
And everywhere is warm and slow
Where people smile and have some time
It always feel replete .. sublime
I watch the patterns forming now
And see the stars .. Orion .. Plough
Imagining the peaceful waves
As slowly rowing moonlight paves…
The way ahead for subtle night
The moon awash and shedding light..
Upon the water glistening near
It shimmers placid and so clear
My mind is now refreshed and bright
Awaiting new and glorious sights

Phil Sanders


I drift away in dreams
To worlds so far away
I let my mind expand
Imagining the day
I see such vivid colours
I smell things oh so sweet
I watch the endless beauty
Which makes me feel complete
I sense the clear blue water
The azure brilliant sky
A freshness to the air
That gently passes by
I watch the fiery dragons
As they play across the plains
Following their wishes
In vivid weather vanes
I touch the softest skin
And hear melodious tunes
Whilst sipping sweetest nectar
Amongst the yellow dunes
I fly as high as eagles
And soar down from above
And sense the deepest feelings
From such eternal love
And then I come awake
To see the world anew
And see it has such beauty
Forever through and through

Phil Sanders


Life’s balance is an art
We all wish to perform
As every day’s demands
Can create a storm
The mind can overcome
A myriad of things
If we can just relax
And let our senses sing
To feel the pleasure close
Of things that we desire
And hold them in our hands
So perfect to admire
And chase the blues away
With gentle thoughts of Spring
As slowly in our hearts
Relaxing times it brings

Phil Sanders


The liquid fire that dances on the waves
Like music as it flies across the staves
A dawning of another gorgeous day
As boats again begin to ply their way
The seagulls soaring high up in the sky
And wading birds whose beaks are never dry
Exploring each small crevice on the shore
And chattering as still they look for more
A contrail weaves a lazy path up high
To where they go … I often wonder why?
Across the oceans deep and far away
One day once more abroad I’ll go and stay

Phil Sanders


The stillness of the morning
As dawn breaks in the sky
The softness of the light
And birds that fly so high
A moment to appreciate
The quiet and the calm
To see the world at peace
And realise its charm
For gentleness will ease
The harshness of the day
When man’s perpetual motion
Will often cause dismay
So take these placid moments
As fleeting they may be
And let the mind aspire
To flights of fancy free

Phil Sanders


And as the world is turning
My mind will also spin
And view the thoughts inside me
Some … so deep within
I see the depth of nature
I feel the storms of life
I hold my psyche gently
And siphon off the strife
I feel the warmth of friendship
The glow it gives to me
And wallow in the pleasure
Of those who give me glee
I walk along life’s highway
Stepping carefully around
Those who are obnoxious
And make such awful sounds
I seek the peace and comfort
Of like minded souls and friends
And hope to have the joy…
Of them ..until life ends

Phil Sanders


The day wanders through an eternal maze
Obscured by life’s persistent haze
A myriad of moments strung together
All blowing around just like a feather
Instinctive thoughts will give some peace
And gentle calm will finally ease….
The tensions that the day provides
As finally sleep will close your eyes

Phil Sanders


The wind arouses passion
The sea instils sweet life
The sun is full of zest
The night can cause such strife
The autumn …melancholia
The winter is so bleak
The summer just invigorates
The spring is very sleek

Phil Sanders


Life twists and turns within my head
Whatever anyone has said
And spins my mind around and round
Whilst I …quite silent… make no sound
Appearing outwardly so calm
I am a maelstrom … without harm
A whirling dervish in my mind
Shaking me until I find ….
The inner peace that I have sought
It grows within .. cannot be bought
At last the rivers rage is stilled
And softness inwardly is filled
So now I face the world with smiles
I’ve travelled all those wretched miles

Phil Sanders


So Spring is in its stride
The sky is azure blue
The grass is glowing greener
And full of morning dew
The clouds are drifting slowly
Surveying nature’s work
And everyone is bustling
No one wants to shirk
The river flows so gently
The sailing boats serene
I love the warmth and comfort
As Spring begins to preen
I love the gentle breezes
And the sun high in the sky
I want to spread my wings
Around the world to fly

Phil Sanders


Her sails are flowing softly
Against the morning tide
An elegance and eloquence
As through the water glides
Her proud and lofty heritage
Are there for all to see
As gradually the power
Takes her swiftly out to sea
To take her over oceans
And to lands so far away
A beautiful reminder
Of a long lost gentle day

Phil Sanders


Enthusiastic words
Are bubbling around
Flowing from the lips
Such a lovely sound
The pleasure that is emanating
Infectious now it seems
As all around are feeling
The other person’s dreams
A joyous explanation
Of someone’s deepest thoughts
A smile that brings such brightness
As the day goes on its course

Phil Sanders


The ship of dreams is sailing by
So jump on board and have a try
Imagine all your heart desires
From happiness to loves great fires
From peace and joy to oceans deep
So much fun… no time to sleep
A pleasure cruise to end all woes
So go .. enjoy .. whate’er you chose

Phil Sanders


The city surrounds you
The noise is intense
The traffic is eerie
There’s so little sense
Kaleidoscope images
The hustle and pace
So hard to imagine
Life’s beauty and grace
But there in amongst it
If you seek to see
An ocean of pleasure
And plenty of glee
For each microcosm
Is full of sheer life
Exploding with smiles
And empty of strife

Phil Sanders


The sunshine in your heart
Should free your mind from pain
And help your thoughts to fly
Far from the ground again
The beauty of the day
Will seep into your head
And all those lovely feelings
Are open now instead
The darkness of the night
Is banished with your woes
The soft and warm experience
Has even reached your toes
The smile upon your face
Is brightening others too
So carry on fulfilling
The beauty that is you

Phil Sanders


To sail away with spirit free
Across the mind’s wide open sea
To places where imagined thoughts
Are sometimes gentle … sometimes fraught
To feel the wind of changes blow
As when the rhythms fast then slow
Transform inside our deepest thoughts
And take us on another course

Phil Sanders


Oystercatchers searching on the shore
Piping out their haunting melodies
A moment to enjoy the morning sun
And to watch such lovely panoplies
Their footsteps patter softly through the sand
As for their breakfast they do simply seek
Oblivious to man’s impending deeds
And all the noise of normal working weeks

Phil Sanders


The monolith appears
Through the mists of nature’s time
A glory of the morning
That man’s creation cannot hide
The power of the silence
The strength of that bright light
Where only birds are singing
As the day defeats the night

Phil Sanders


The eerie morning mist
Pervades the river’s path
With ghostly apparitions
Slowly drifting past
The silence of the morning
The sun’s persistent glow
As slowly day is dawning
And life begins to flow
The oystercatcher’s calls
The beating of gull’s wings
The beauty of the stillness
The glory of such things
And now the morning breaks
And people start to walk
Their movement breaks the peace
And voices now do talk
The changes in the picture
As the day begins to roar
And gulls fly even higher
Seeking peace as thermals soar

Phil Sanders


The stillness of the morning
A breeze upon my face
A moment’s contemplation
Within my time and space
As nature fills my senses
And the bright orb starts the day
Such peaceful inner sanctums
As I walk along life’s way
The birds are singing brightly
The Spring is in full bloom
My mind just reels with pleasure
And Summer follows soon
So revel in the beauty
And sing of nature’s grace
Wherever you may find it
Whichever time and place

Phil Sanders


The moody clouds are darkening my mind
Their torpor now invades my very soul
Lethargic I am waiting now to find
The reason for my feeling half not whole
My brain has atrophied throughout the day
And dulls the very senses that I seek
A whirlpool of such wretched disarray
As through the day I never reach a peak
But now the winds of interest appear
And start to freshen all within my head
At last the clouds begin to disappear
And fresh thoughts are created there instead

Phil Sanders


And now the afternoon is finally crawling by
As slowly …the evening beckons from beyond
Phones ring shrilly in the far flung grinding rooms
Communication …long and arduous… responds
For time is turning painfully around
Until the moment that we will be free
The shackles of the day will then be gone
And melt into the evening’s sweet fruit tree
For truth and pleasure will attest our lips
And tenderness will flow within the walls
As gently from the pressures of the day
The softness of the pleasant evening falls

Phil Sanders


The contrails streak across the sky
Like artists brushes running wild
And framed within the mind’s full lens
They oscillate and twist and bend
To where those metal birds are gone
So near to that bright morning sun
Across the seas and oceans wide
Their passengers enjoy the ride
Until they reach those distant shores
And see such wonders they adore
To live their dreams so far away
And cherish them another day

Phil Sanders


Slowly through the grass
The tiger stalked his prey
His movement long and languid
In the middle of the day
The sun was high and bright
As a vivid burning orb
His body moving slowly
Less heat there to absorb
Gazelles were moving fitfully
Around the waterhole
Nervous eyes were flitting wildly
As the world they did behold
A movement in the distance
And the animals did jump
The nerve ends all a jangling
Each one with quivering rump
Then like avenging angels
The tiger now does pounce
Gazelles are scattering wildly
With a death like spinning dance
And one of them is slower
No longer held at bay
The tiger now triumphant
As it finishes its prey

Phil Sanders


The vibrant sunrise fills my heart and soul with so much fire
A joy that brings excitement and a sense of such desire
For now the day is beckoning for me to fill with song
As all my senses tingle and I feel that I belong
The birds fly high and soar across the brilliant sky
The animals are searching now for breakfast low and high
I feel the pleasure growing as the morning spreads out wide
A glorious happy moment as the world awaits outside
So bring on all the moments that this day will show to me
From mountain top to valley and down beside the sea
For all of nature’s beauty is now waiting there to show
Magnificence unmatched by man’s continual flow

Phil Sanders


We see the face
We hear the words
We know the looks
Its all occurred
But do we really?
Are we sure?
The depth within
Is it demure?
Or are there passions
Deeper thoughts
That do not show
In normal course
The inner being
That is there
Is sometimes more
Than we may share…..

Phil Sanders

The reflections … like glass
The silence .. unbroken
The world holds its breath
Nothing is spoken
A distant bird’s cry
A moment to treasure
Nature in splendour
Complete morning pleasure

Phil Sanders


A subtle change within the sky
The murmuring of gulls
As slowly in the corner
An orb just starts and mulls ..
Then softly as a paintbrush
It fills the sky with red
A magical sweet moment
To drag you out of bed
A circle of redemption
A vision of pure light
To open up the morning
And banish all the night
Reflecting on the water
Cascading o’er the sky
It regenerates the senses
As it quickly passes by

Phil Sanders


The beat of many footsteps
The sirens wailing loud
The brightness of the windows
The swaying of the crowd
Electric magic moments
As you step down from the train
And all the bodies rush
To stay out of the rain
The tallness of the buildings
The traffics mighty roar
Kaleidoscopic images
As buses spill out more
The hustle and the bustle
The way the shops do fill
Each and every moment
A subtle crazy thrill

Phil Sanders


As the mind turns slowly through the passing day
Assimilating images of time
A breath of beauteous magic flashes by
And it stops and paints an image so sublime
The depth of mood created at that moment
The vision of a world so far apart
Is giving such ethereal emotion
And making all the senses glow and start
For each of us has feelings that are roused
By different apparitions of the mind
Which cause such deep and poignant intimations
As further in our psyche we unwind

Phil Sanders


Life is a river that ebbs and then flows
Sometimes the estuary then where it rose
Dark tainted clouds that engender despair
Then a warm breeze that freshens the air
Moments of thunderstorms billowing pain
Then like a rainbow life clears the rain
Green rolling pastures are moments serene
Sharp bladed icebergs are cold and unseen
Blue azure skies with white fluffy clouds
Tears fall like raindrops splashing aloud
Sunrise for youngsters whilst they still learn
Sunset for age and times past they yearn
Shallow still waters for moments of peace
Small sheltered coves that give us some ease
In all a kaleidoscope .. deep reds and blue
Life is a mixture of lightness and hue

Phil Sanders


The crispness of the late Spring frost
As sunlight dances pale and lost
For Winter’s finals chills do call
Before the suns rays it will pall
And breath is dancing on the air
With vibrance and such gentle flair
The cold is banished by the day
And morning sets off on its way
So smile and let the world within
And let your face crease with a grin
For joyous life is back with thrills
To overcome those final chills

Phil Sanders


Welcome to a glorious day …
The sun says … shining bright
As all its rays extinguish
The dark and dreary night
It brings forth thoughts of cheerfulness
And smiles to each bright face
As blue and brilliant colours
Delight and then embrace
So glory in the beauty
And sing its praises loud
Today will be so beautiful
Without a wispy cloud

Phil Sanders


And as the distant orb begins to glow
The thoughts within my mind begin to flow
And gentle breezes stimulate my brain
As night now finally does wane
And nature’s beauty fills my sense and soul
A feeling that will always make me whole
The scudding clouds across an azure sky
The blossom as it drifts and softly flies
The cry of bleating lambs does usher Spring
A time when glorious greens begin to sing
The warmth as through the air the glorious Fohn
Helps Summer all its wonders now to hone
And then the vivid flash of Autumn’s leaves
As finally the weather beats the trees
And all the beauty that the Winter shows
Within its bleakness and its glistening snows

Phil Sanders


The clouds are low, the rain appears
Angels now are crying tears
The sun is but a distant glow
Oh let it soon just rise and show
The dreek* wet morning lumbers on
Affecting all and moods are glum
But look … at last a vivid sky
As winds pick up and clouds fly by
A moment of pure resonance
As sunlight pours with sweet essence
And all are lifted by the sight
As nature turns it all to light

Phil Sanders

* Scottish expression for a miserable day


Time ticks by inexorably slowly
As the inactivity drip feeds through
The visions from beneath my window
Help to soothe frustrations blue
A moments peace should be enjoyed
And thoughts of pleasure put in place
As all the maelstrom whirling round me
Rushes past at rapid pace

Phil Sanders


The flight path drifts him past my window
A pilot in the azure sky
Enjoying life among the thermals
As he floats so gently by
And then he soars so high above me
Watching all in time and space
Supreme control of wind and water
Gliding there with mighty grace

Phil Sanders


The furnace burning brightly
The metal all ablaze
The clanging in the foundry
Wrapped in a red heat haze
The sweat that pours profusely
From hard and honest toil
As more bright molten steel
Is brought again to boil
And when the day is done
And weary limbs walk home
The pleasure of the sunset
Allows the mind to roam

Phil Sanders


Inner peace .. a compromise
Decisions made .. wrong and wise
Emotions split … head and heart
Initial thoughts .. do I start?
Deep enjoyment .. pleasures wild
Sensuality .. hot or mild
Carefree moments .. living free
Care for others …wait and see
True to self .. vital trait
Other things can always wait

Phil Sanders


And so the silence falls
As the sun sets slowly down
A radiant iridescence
Settles all around
The world awaits the night
With its shroud so dark and drear
The owl hoots quite mysteriously
And the phantoms all draw near
The ghostly apparitions
That pervade within our minds
The deepest darkened senses
Follow close behind
But then the crystal moon
Throws a light of gentle peace
And all can now be calm
And reach a restful sleep

Phil Sanders


Reflections on the water as the gulls go skidding by
As azure blue proliferates across the morning sky
The water flows quite slowly as the graceful ships pass on
To distant destinations not known to everyone
A tranquil picture forming as the clouds are billowing high
And all the hungry seabirds are on the wing to fly
A soft and gentle moment in a world of constant rush
The silence is quite deafening as all around are hushed

Phil Sanders


The screeching of the gulls
As someone come s with bread
The constant mad vibrations
As they whirl around her head
They dive and swoop and argue
As the morsels hi t the air
A raging silver torrent
Approach it with great care

Phil Sanders


Rolling hills and valleys green
What lovely places to have seen
Amongst the wondrous countryside
With winding roads and rivers wide
And as the morning sun shines bright
The land receives a lustrous light
Awakening the trees and streams
So every colour breathes and gleams
The mountain tops with snow so white
Such a glowing wondrous sight
And through the fields of corn and wheat
The rural vision of a street
Swaying on the summer breeze
Wind is drifting through the trees
Mountain water crisp and clear
Always sparkles every year
Even when cold winters blast
Freezes over parts so fast
Then when springtime reappears
And the snow just disappears
Vibrant life is born once more
Bluebells .. lilies … carpet floors
Trees again will lose their strife
Britain’s beauty springs to life
Inspiring Constable to frame
Giving rise to such acclaim
Turner too saw golden skies
Reflecting all seen in his eyes
Like the artist’s loving hand
Showing such a pleasant land

Phil Sanders


And through the mist the morning sun appears
With ghostly shadows rolling back the years
As magically its beams and shafts of gleaming light
Resound around the meadows soft with gentle might
Allowing all the trees to wake and softly glow
Encouraging the bulbs to gently show
And slowly as the day begins its way
The leaves and bushes swing and gently sway

Phil Sanders


The booming wind hurls down the snow
Which glistens in the lamplight's glow
The foxes pad across the fields
Oblivious to its shrieks and squeals
The moon is shrouded by the clouds
As all with whiteness is endowed
Then silence reigns mysteriously
As falling snowflakes finally flee

Phil Sanders


As if by magic ghostly bows
Appear from through the misty shrouds
And water ripples silently
As shapes now form mysteriously
From distant shores the soundless ship
Arrives from yet another trip
With packages from far off lands
As people wait with open hands
The age old river slowly flows
Towards the sea and sunset glows
As time stands still and rays of light
Just glisten .. what a glorious sight

Phil Sanders


The track streams out eternally
The engine pulling fast
The places flying past your eyes
As days go quickly past
The sights and smells of everywhere
Mixed up within your mind
The glorious balmy sunsets
And cities that you find
The people and their accents
The words flow out so swift
And costumes bright and garish
Give every sense a lift
The wondrous elevations
Of mountains tall capped white
The rivers flowing strenuously
A deep and glorious sight

Phil Sanders


Fragments of images
Moments in time
Some quite disturbing
Others sublime
See how the mind…
Paints and creates
Pictures of feelings
Love, fear and hate
Delightful kaleidoscopes
Dour black despair
Sunny bright passages
Fly high in the air
Deep secret thoughts
That no one will know
Smiles and reflections.
Summer and snow

Phil Sanders


The roaring wind howls from on high
And rips the clouds across the sky
Its torment causing pain and fear
That wretched awful time of year
But even so the beauty shows
As in the day the lamplights glow
For skies appear and disappear
Within a moment dark then clear
The patterns of the scudding clouds
As light so suddenly is shrouds
And everyone again will know
The power of God’s picture show

Phil Sanders


And as that bright orb rises
Within the distant sky
I watch in awe its majesty
And pause to wonder why …
With such enthralling beauty
People still complain
With such enduring brilliance
Some moan and cry in vain
For nature holds the secrets
To a life of gentle calm
And if we view it slowly
It will dissipate alarm
Its glory and its endlessness
Will always shine so bright
As kaleidoscopic images
Morning, noon and night.

Phil Sanders


Angels without wings .. stumbling in the air
Wondering what matters.. wondering who cares
Slipping from our pedestals .. falling on our knees
Thinking how important .. who we need to please
Flying high in clouds… wishing for the sun
Looking at the moonrise .. as the day is done
Waiting for the person .. who alone will see
What we really are . who we’ll always be

Phil Sanders