My Poetry


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As Christmas now approaches
Our thoughts will always turn
To those we love the most
And those who make us yearn
We feel the past and future
Wrapped up in Christmas glow
And all our love is heightened
At last .... its really so
You fill my heart with pleasure
My soul just overflows
And you my precious future
As one we are.... you know
The shopping is so easy
As together we walk round...
The shops so bright and cheerful
With all their Christmas sounds
The children running freely
As round and round they go
Their faces lit so brightly
The pleasure it does show
For every Christmas will be
A time of joy and fun
For you my gentle Cheryl
Are always my bright sun
So smile with that contentment
And feel the laughter start
For you are always with me
So deep within my heart



Even as night falls
The barking guns remain
The dry and dusty parchment
….. of peace just falls like rain
In villages and hills
And all the valleys deep
The crackling dark monsters
Continue without sleep
The shrapnel is still flying
Without a shred of care
To maim and cause such harm
To whoever may be there
Indiscriminate war
Encompasses the world
Whatever was the motive
Its shells are blindly hurled
The ravaged streets are torn
And shattered window panes
With streaming blood red rivers
Running down the drains
So please let peace be constant
And life be given free
So all of us may live
In gentle harmony

Phil Sanders


The leaves billow in the Autumn winds
The trees’ swansong to the year
A kaleidoscope of colour warming the soul
As November blossoms with the beauty of the Fall….
Our minds wander to the times of yesteryear….
When the Great War ceased its mournful woe
And minds again turned to thoughts of future and hope
The eerie passage of years ruled by the bullet and the bomb…
Replaced by the symphony of relief… playing in the minds of men
Hate and numbness substituted by possibility and light
Nine million poppies to be shed in remembrance ..
……so that others could be free
The incalculable stupidity to be repeated in two decades…
Will man never learn and forsake such prejudices?
Feel the hope of reincarnation to come in springtime
Endure the cold of Winter to revel in the warmth of each New Year
Let us pray that lives may be spared in future…
The slings and arrows of stupidity to be circumvented…
… by an understanding and desire for peace…
Harmony against disharmony …. agreement instead of war….
Watch the leaves fly up into the universe
Filling the sky with the food of Spring …
Feel the daffodils stirring and await their new glory
Yellow rays of the future to replace the Winter darkness..
Smile .. and the world will sing in your heart…

Phil Sanders


The words are tumbling in my mind
Like the snowflakes in a Winter’s storm
Falling indiscriminately as they wish
Like the Autumn leaves in the wind
Or being spread by children’s feet
As they chase through them crying out with glee
I stand and watch the world turn slowly
You are there beside me , with me … inside me
Helping the words to form into a mosaic of love
For your tenderness and sweet gentleness are my watchword
They guide my hand as the words run free
Stacking them into phrases like neat children’s bricks
Until, like a symphony, they play the poem soulfully for me
I feel the passion in their creation
See them spread across mountains like tips of snow
Forming patterns of desire in my mind
Creating pleasure and sensitivity in my soul
I see them forming on your lips as my pen writes ever faster
Urging me to share the loveliness of the thoughts
And sharing my love for you with the world
I whirl in space like a dervish of literature
Spilling my love for you in a shower of letters
Letting them wash over me like a rainstorm
Until they soak into the paper and grow into words
You are my muse and my life and through your love …
The images unwind and create the poetry
I feel you in my hand as I write….
… and in my heart as I love …..
Forever we grow stronger by the day
Our intimacy deeper and more tangible
Help me find the words.. for you are my eternity
You are my everlasting love …

Phil Sanders


I see the sun rise in your eyes as you wake with the dawn ...
A gentle stretch as your sensual body moves against me ....
I am alive for my love is with me ...
Long gone are the dark and dreary days when we both felt trapped...
Caged by the ogres of the past banished forever....
My heart beats like a drum as I see your face in my mind ...
Such beauty as my breath stops for a moment of sheer pleasure..
I sense the glorious freedom of Spring .... revitalising my mind ...
You fill my soul with laughter and joy ... contentment reigns....
A new chapter is opening ... our lives enmeshed ever closer..
Our feeling of togetherness even greater .... I am fulfilled ...
Your sensual ways wrap me in a web of delight ...
Your eyes show the love I have always longed for...
Our lovemaking a culmination of our beautiful desire..
.. and an overwhelming feeling of passion....
I thank you for this deep enjoyment and satisfaction....
My soul leaps with excitement at the gentle sound of your voice...
My body aches to hold you whenever I am not with you ...
We sail together my darling on an ocean of happiness...
...let the voyage continue until eternity ....



I feel the sun rise in my heart as I watch it emblazoned across the sky...
A glorious wonder like my love for you ...
Each day it goes deeper inside building a base of endless happiness
The laughter we share echoes in my head and makes me smile
Just as the beauty that you are seeps into my mind every second of the day ...
I feel refreshed and renewed each morning as I see you sleeping ...
Contentment written so softly on your face ...
Your eyelids flutter with the pleasure of your dreams...
And I wish you eternal joy .....
For I have received that from you in my forever bliss that you evoke
I feel such strength from you when you are in my arms ...
Sending a warmth and companionship into my heart ....
I love you with the ferocity of a storm... and the tenderness of autumn stillness...
Be mine forever my eternal Valentine ...
And we will share the peace of love and contentment all our days ...



The cold chill winds of winter
May blow across the land
But I am warm and comforted
Each time I hold your hand
You shelter me from darkness
You fill me with such light
For you are my perfection
A sweet and glorious sight
As snow falls in the morning
I snuggle closer still
Because I always feel it ....
Your everlasting thrill
I know that rain may fall
And lash the window pane
But I have your love constantly
To keep me warm and sane
I laugh at winter's storms
I cry with ecstasy
For you are always with me
Throughout eternity

Phil Sanders


The deepest hues of the sunset trail across the sky
Inviting the night to unfurl..
Such tinges of red and gold like an autumn palette
Whispering colours to the clouds…
A moment of expectancy as the sun dips below the horizon
Taking the day with it …
A calm and peaceful stillness settles on the land
As night encroaches with its cold eternity
All creatures snuggle down to wait the dawn
As darkness paints a black surrender
Life held momentarily in abeyance ..
As the last dregs of light eke out their dying embers
An eerie wind whistles softly through the trees
Its emptiness unfolding like a blanket on the world
The depths of the mind are plumbed as evil thoughts are touched
Time to sleep the sleep of the dead and await the clarion call of morning
When all the dread of the night is banished to the four winds
As the latent power of morning’s sunlight pierces the gloom
And awakens another bright and glorious day

Phil Sanders


You are the wind in my hair
The sand between my toes
The sun as it rises
The river as it flows
My life and my eternity
My love forever true
An ocean of pure happiness
Will flow all over you
I need you in the sunshine
I need you in the Spring
I want you in the Summer
I want you when you sing
I love the way you walk
I love your sensual kiss
And every time I leave you
Its you I always miss
I feel you in my heart
I feel you in my soul
I feel you every moment
Without you I'm not whole
I'll be there in a blizzard
I'll be there in a storm
And when the night is cold
I will keep you warm
I'll love you for your lifetime
And even more besides
For you are my ever with me
My eternal Valentine

Phil Sanders


Calmness and serenity sit like glass on the water...
Filling the world with peaceful tranquility
The swans glide gracefully to rest ... their wings like a heartbeat
Cormorants dive like arrows into the depths..
The ripples drifting slowly across the world....
An imperturbable quiet hangs in the air..
Allowing gentle thoughts of pleasure to drift by
I see reflections of my life in the water..
The contentment I have sought finally here ....
I wish this peace on the world ...
For it is comforting and untroubled ....
A soothing cup of morning tea in my soul
I await the turbulence of the day ...
But like a knight in shining armour...
My contentment will put it to the sword ...
Allowing relaxation to win out..
And the comfort of restfulness to return...
May this peace instil softness to mankind..
Bringing troubles and hostilities to a close
A vain hope.... maybe .. but important....
That we never lose sight of this desire ...

Phil Sanders


Slowly the shifting sands of time pass by
Grains of opportunity to be grasped
Decisions like the lottery of life
Cascade from deep within your soul
A moment’s hesitation and its lost
Nirvana washed away by swirling winds
Happiness cast out to all the corners of the earth
To blow around the desert that is strife
Redemption from the darkness of the mind
Enlightenment a ray of sweet delight
A chance to live again in ecstasy
Contentment flowing softly through the veins
You see the seagull soar into the clouds
No worries just simplicity divine
The azure blue reflecting on its wings
And forging such exquisite peaceful flight
The mind is floating there upon the wind
It sails with such an open beating heart
Allowing all the sense to respond
Waiting for the patterns to unfold
A rainbow of bright thoughts gush forth
Watering the brain’s perception
Amending the spontaneity of life
Within the depths of your very being
Such instants provide profound remorse
Or tantalising visions of maybe
If lucky they fulfil desires untold
And still life’s journey sallies forth

Phil Sanders

ALWAYS .........

Your beauty is timeless as you lie there in peace
I always feel comfortable ...and so at ease
Your loveliness swims over me .. with passion and grace
I love to just lie there and look at your face
Your skin in so silky and soft to the touch
As I snuggle in close .. I want you so much
For you are my lifetimes .. my love .. my desire
You'll always ignite my body with fire
My mind is so soothed as we talk in the night
I know what perfection will greet the first light
For you are my forever .. my future .. my past
We're always together .. and forever it will last
Because we have something so rare in this life
The closeness, companionship that frees us from strife
Love that is total and so beyond compare
You know that each morning I'll always be there
You're always my love .. my life .. and all of my needs
Since when we first kissed and we sowed love's deeps seeds
Without you I'm nothing ... a blank empty screen
With you I'm vibrant and glisten with sheen
For you I have waited all of my days
And now I'm rewarded with your lovely ways
So sing and rejoice for we have everything
And take flight together on love's perfects wings

Phil Sanders


I see colours in my mind
Much brighter than before
No dark and sombre tones
Since you came to my door
I feel the bright of sunlight
Every time you smile
A vivid vibrant yellow
Shining all the while
The blue within the sky
Is now a deeper hue
Ever since that day
When I first kissed you
The days kaleidoscopic
As we spend our time so sweet
Purple for the lavender
I massage on your feet
Red for that sweet sunset
That we stand and watch as one
Bursting forth with energy
Just like our wondrous fun
Green the grass is glowing
As walk there hand in hand
Golden is the colour
Of life's ever changing sands
Red again my darling
For the roses that I bring
Because your love and beauty
Always make me sing

Phil Sanders


As Robert and Francesca
Felt love so deep and true
Their feelings of contentment
Are what I feel for you
His words that they were special
Just echoed round my mind
And now I now forever
With you love I will find
Forever we will show it
With tenderness and care
And with complete delight
Our lives we’ll always share
For I have feelings for you
I’ve never felt before
And every day they grow
Forever more and more
I hold you in my arms
And kiss your sensual lips
I am so full of love for you
My darling .. with such bliss

Phil Sanders


The softness of Autumn’s bright palette
Falls gently across the deep plain
Soon all of the sharpness of Winter
Will replace the tumbling rain
The starkness of desolate snow
Brings clarity to all that’s seen
As mountains are covered like blankets
With whiteness so crisp and so clean
And when Spring’s delights are forthcoming
The buds bursting forth with sheer joy
A beauty replaces the coldness
As God paints a new vivid toy
A view of perfect enchantment
Then settles around so supreme
And freshness springs forth like a fountain
To flood everything that is seen

Phil Sanders


The cello plays a soulful melody across the mountainside
Notes of love echoing into the valley below...
I see you sitting at the window as the morning light does fall..
Across your lovely face ... your beauty shining even more brightly than the sun ..
Your beautiful brown eyes flashing with life , pleasure and contentment ...
As you wistfully enter the day ...
My heart leaps with desire and love in abundance...
As I watch your sensual movements .. your dainty feet gliding across the floor ..
Your back .. so sensual in the early morning rays.. as they dance across it ..
Its silkiness .. a hint of pleasure yet to be .. and comfort when asleep..
My love grows more as the cello reaches a crescendo and my passion rises with you..
I feel the mellowness of contentment mixed with the fire of desire..
What a magical moment .. you inspire me my delicious muse....
You are my present , my future and my memories ....
A delightful concoction of presence that fills my soul..
You cannot yet see forever .... let me enlighten you ...
It is a road that stretches to eternity .. strewn with roses and vibrant colours..
The colours of love, companionship and peace ...
We will walk that road together .. towards the sun that never sets ...
Alongside crystal clear rivers of serenity and happiness...
Come take me hand and stride forward to paradise..
The heaven that you and I create with every passing day together...
My love is eternally yours .....

Phil Sanders


How wonderful that we feel such passion…
For a multitude of reasons and things….
Physical … mental …..spiritual …
It wraps us up in moments of sheer ecstasy …
And can send us to the depths of the oceans…
We need it .. we seek it … and it can raise us to Nirvana…
Or send us crashing to the jagged rocks below…
Our psyche will determine how we bear it …
How much we desire and how much we control …
When it reaches inside our soul it releases us …
Freedom in a kiss .. a touch .. a sight …
All may turn our knees to jelly and our hearts aflame…
We rise up above the clouds and fly with angels ….
And soar in a maelstrom of sheer pleasure…
Untouchable in our happiness and joy …
For true passion and love come rarely to us .. if at all ..
But when they do .. feel the intensity .. burn with desire…
Triumphant in our ecstasy … we will walk on water … fly without wings
A soulmate guiding our path through togetherness and into forever…
No greater love will be found than that between lovers who are also deepest friends …
Who share the needs and desires of their hearts …
May the winds of elation blow their sails of joy forevermore..
Their lives intertwined so closely that nothing can part them ..
No shaft of light can see between the strength of their love …
They are indivisible .. they are truly one …
So enjoy that jubilation and contentment..
May the mellow thoughts of intimacy and devotion seal eternal love …

Phil Sanders


Shades of grey consume my mind
As Friday drags slowly to a close ….
Anonymous in its feeling
Bland in its light … uneventful …
A spark of interest needs to be lit ..
A flame of passion to be found within the mediocrity ..
At last .. the sun breaks through the brooding clouds ..
Casting its brightness on the complacent river ..
The mood stirs and I feel emotive thoughts pulsating again…
Bringing my mind to life … stirring my blood …
A trace of colour is splashed across the sky …
Enlightening my soul .. and breathing life into the world …
Summer is needed .. with its balmy nights and sweltering days..
Take us away from average and fill us with exceptional
Make the azure sky sing with joy …
Open the floodgates of beauty and let us feel its intensity ..
Give us hope ….
The paucity of pleasure is abysmal …
Fill our hearts with joy and laughter ….
Allow us the vibrancy of delight and charisma..
Let us see the brilliance of nature …painted across the horizon …
No more dark clouds of boredom .. show us excitement and craving …
For the world is full of thrills …
Let the beacon of fulfilment shine into our world …
And let the evening be the portent of beauty yet to come …

Phil Sanders


As the clock of life speeds up
When the years start flowing by
We begin to understand
What our world requires
For experience gives us hope
And pleasure now fulfils
For all the bad experiences
Can be replaced by thrills
The love of someone special
That reaches to our core
Refreshes to our soul
As never felt before
You are that special lady
Who makes me laugh and sing
And I enjoy you totally…..
Every single thing
As we begin each day
Within each other’s arms
I feel complete contentment
And sheltered from all harm
For you instil such happiness
And strength within my heart
I know that we will always be
And nevermore shall part
For all my life I’ve waited
For your loveliness to come
At last I have a soulmate
For all the years to run
Your personality
Is thrilling and such fun
Our conversation interesting
You are my daily sun
I wake with you beside me
And never want to leave
To hold you there all day
Is where I want to be
And every time we speak
Or you send me a new text
I feel a tingle down my spine
A passionate reflex
For you are all my life
My soulmate ever true
And that is why my darling
Forever I’ll love you

Phil Sanders


As you lie softly sleeping
I steal a gentle kiss
Such warmth and such soft silkiness
From your delightful lips
And then as you are waking
I steal a second kiss
The magic of your lips
Fills me with total bliss
The third one falls upon your back
As you begin to rise
And I melt as you turn back and look
With those amazing eyes
The fourth is when you’ve showered
And your silky skin is wet
A more beautiful sweet lady
I have never met
The fifth is as you’re dressing
And I brush across your neck
You smell of morning roses
And the promise of more yet
And finally the day begins
As off to work I go
The sixth kiss full and passionate
That fills me with a glow

Phil Sanders


I dip my pen into the pool of life
And let it paint some pictures there for me
It shimmers in the glorious midday sun
And words begin to flow so pensively
I feel the love I share upon the tip
And passion burns a trail for every age
My hand is tearing wildly back and forth
And all the words are tumbling on the page
I see the world creatively so clear
As light and life are cleverly described
For all my heart is flowing through my arm
And no emotion is allowed to hide
I let my mind run free expressively
No subject is diminished by my thoughts
A raging torrent is inside of me
That shows a strong and deep emotive force
I let the spirits take me to the sky
Where albatrosses wheel on thermals warm
I ride the trade winds through the clouds
And feel the essence of the lightning storm
I am as one with nature now
For all of me is bidden by the world
I let my mind just spin and turn
As all the feelings now inside me swirl
For life is full of strong impassioned needs
Each era shows us different demands
So as the years go tumbling behind
I’ll write my feelings through creative hands

Phil Sanders


Reflections in the water .. like reflections in life..
Time taken to review my thoughts .. my past and my future
Seeing clearly in the morning light the desires of now and yet to be..
Wiping the tears of the past from my cheek ….
….and settling the sun of a smile on my lips ..
For the future is beautiful and bright….
A rainbow of opportunities .. colouring my mind with pleasure..
For .. at last .. I have you my darling ….
A joyous delight in a world that was so full of darkness..
Your smile playing on your lips like a sensual storm…
Awaiting the tenderness of my lips on yours …
Your tummy somersaults and our passion is ignited …
A love that has been kindled through the dark days of frustration …
But now burns brightly in the delight of togetherness….
For be it silent or talking … holding hands or naked in the morning light…
We are one within our souls …a pair of hearts moulded together forever..
I see the laughter and love in your beautiful eyes …..
As they sweep across my face with a tenderness and softness…
Caressing my heart and my mind…
I look back and shower you with love …. a veritable raincloud of joy..
For you are within my very being .. smouldering like a volcano ….
Erupting into my body and soul with a flow of molten passion…
I reach for you in the night and my prayers are answered as you fall into my arms..
What comfort we both feel …. what complete contentment …
I will follow you through the pathways of your life … a happy man…
Knowing pleasure, happiness and complete love as the journey unfolds…
Take my hand and we will walk through paradise ….
The endless wait of frustration, anger and tears now banished form our world …
As we go together to the sunset of our lives …….

Phil Sanders


Life is a journey of hope and commitment
Interspersed with moments of despair …
The darkness encloses the mind and gives such gloom
But when the beacon of true love appears..
Then contentment awakes and casts a ray of happiness around ..
The world becomes a kaleidoscope of pleasure …
Children’s laughter echoes continuously …
The smile of joy enlightens your soul …
Walks become adventures .. holding hands is a thrill …
Kisses become oceans of desire .. as you sail the waters of sensuality ..
Moments of sheer ecstasy are blown on the winds of love …
A touch becomes a history … a hug is a lifetime…
A look is the burning need of excitement yet to be …
So walk the shores of delight with your lover …
Ride the thermals of pure passion .. and sail the river of yearning
For tomorrow quickly comes with the threat of nevermore..
Enjoy the moment .. make love and enthuse over each other
Time is a metronomic pattern of ever lessening opportunity
Live the seconds .. and the hours will take care of themselves …

Phil Sanders


I awake from slumbers deep ….my eyes still full of sleep
But the morning sun refreshes me .. welcoming me to the day
I feel your softness next to me .. and I smile…
A tenderness washes over me as I gently stroke your back and you stir …
Such love is pounding in my heart .. a drumbeat of togetherness
Your passion from the night is still upon me …
A fervent desire still throbs in my soul .. burned into my memory..
Another beautiful moment to cherish and adore …
I see the brightness of our love .. like a beacon rising over the hills..
Guiding us ever onwards to more happiness and joy …
I kiss your sweet and tender lips as your eyelids flutter ..
And I feel your heartbeat next to mine .. a rhythm of pure love…
Your smile as you sense the first moments of the day …and feel my hand upon you ..
A gentleness washes over us .. as the sea caresses the shore …
I whisper I LOVE YOU .. and your eyes reply so beautifully …
I know the raging torrent of passion in that moment …
As your love reflects in my eyes and we hold each other close…
Our nakedness a testament to our being .. our life as one …
The silence resounds gently in our souls..
No words necessary .. just the feather light touch of our lips and our fingers meeting ..
Love conquers all .. and shows us our destiny..
For our future is as one together …. always there for the other..
Always sensing and feeling the others’ needs …
A depth of understanding that is unique between two lovers..
Only they can understand … only they can know…
And as you snuggle into my arms and we melt into one …
I kiss you softly and thank my lucky stars for the day that I met you …..
My life is now complete ………….

Phil Sanders


Slowly as the setting sun drips pink across the sky…
I look into those liquid eyes which make me want to fly
I count up all those blessings that are now bestowed on me
And walk across my soul, which is sailing on the sea
I feel the wind of freedom as it drifts me into space
And think of all your beauty... your loveliness and grace
For time will never stop the love that we both share
And every day upon this earth our lives we’ll fill with care
So take my hand my darling, and walk along the shore
Experiencing such happiness you’ve never felt before
And let your heart sing loudly of the joy which love has brought
After all those lonely years when it was only sought
I offer you my friendship with love so full inside
As slowly now you walk to me with arms so open wide
And when our lips meet passionately.. desire will overflow
Our future spread before us …with all our love to show….

Phil Sanders


What is the sun that’s shining in my heart?
Its my love for you ….
I waken to the singing birds and feel the freshness of the day
And your smile kisses my soul …
A touch of softness and pure joy …
I leave my eyes closed and let your beauty seep into my mind..
I am ….. content ….

I wait for the moment that we meet …
My heart pounds with anticipation .. my lips dry …
And then the glory that is a wind of passion and desire blows though me …
Then you appear … and my breath stops for a moment as you take it away ..
I reach out and the love that we share flows between us …
And the first kiss of the day takes me soaring above the clouds …
I am….. content …..

Your voice fills me with delight..
As your words flow over me like a crystal clear mountain stream..
Refreshing … renewing ..exciting … interesting ..
Providing nourishment to my soul…
A river of enjoyment as you share your life with me…
Pouring your thoughts over me like a warm summer shower..
I am ….content….

The day stretches ahead with promises of love and laughter..
Sharing each other .. our desires .. our needs .. our happiness
A myriad of emotions .. filling us with such beauty…
Your loveliness like a silken fog surrounding me..
As I drift through the pleasure that is you …
Content … in seventh heaven with my lover.. my soulmate and my friend…
I am… in love with you ……….

Phil Sanders


The clouds are hanging low and moody
Staining all our thoughts as they drift aimlessly across our mind
The sun is fighting hard but only sparkling slightly as the day unfolds
My mind is filled with strong emotions as they pass by
Releasing my deepest thoughts, fears and desires
A day for reflection as the world seems still
The river omnipotent in its eternal way
Never bowing to the forces of nature …
Just moulding itself as required by the wind and rain
Boats wallowing in its power as it allows them to pass
Seeking shelter from the storm yet to come
Our lives follow a similar pattern ….
Swayed by the river of emotions that carry us along
Bombarded by the winds of change .. and softened by the calm of the evening sun
We feel the wind… touch the rain … and bow to the sunset as the day disappears
To reappear replenished at the dawn …
Allow the mind to run free .. release the demons before the dawn..
Seek the peace and tranquility of your soul ….

Phil Sanders


The winds abate with the rising of the sun
The world is refreshed .. and renewed
Spring is close by … but a single blast of Winter remains
We are lulled into a false sense of calm
The bite of frozen rain and sleet will still strike at our faces..
As the shards of ice fall one more time …
A reminder that they will return..
But in this glorious sunlight … the flowers glisten with the raindrops
Smiling at the sun ..and reflecting its glory …
Willing the Spring to sing its song of new birth..
To reaffirm its joy and growth in a myriad of colours ..
Enlightening our minds and our souls..
Reminding us of greater beings and forces in the universe..
We are but droplets of life in an ocean of space
Bringing joy and comfort to some and frustration to others
We cannot be all things to all men .. we are unique..
Our minds mix and swim together but the inner psyche is ours alone
Only we know the depths and the intricacies..
The love and the hope .. the darkness of despair
But through it all we must see the brightness of the Spring
Its glory and its desire for the future …
The Summer beckons on the horizon .. with laughter and tears..
Experiences yet to come … the morning sunrise .. the golden dew
A sparkling spring that gurgles through the Glen ..
Bringing freshness and a clarity of thought that the sounds of nature nurture
Walking through the trees as the Summer breeze sings through the leaves
The softness of the moss underfoot and the sunlight chasing the leaves
All beauty and kaleidoscopic majesty..
Mixed with our emotions .. felt in our hearts..
Rejoice in the world .. let your soul live again ….

Phil Sanders


The depth of the human psyche .. is a wonder to behold..
Creativity .. sensitivity… proclivity to excess…
A complex set of machinations every day …
Should I? ..Shouldn’t I?.. Will I? .. Won’t she ?
A myriad of roads open up to follow .. choices always required …
In settled times .. such easy choices …
But ..when the winds of change blow cold ….
Chaos .. turmoil… angst ….. love .. hate …
All mixed in a pot of emotions ….
Awaiting the decision .. that powerhouse of life..
Causing laughter .. tears .. frustration .. exhilaration..
Who knows where the future will lead us …
What significance the decisions will have..
Across the ocean of hope…
Avoiding the rocks of despair …
Reaching the sea of tranquility ….
All of us sailing our ships of life …
To where? .. no one knows ….

Phil Sanders


The blossom on the trees … a passing moment in time
Heralding Spring and the brightness of Summer yet to come
But fleeting ….
As the blustery wind cast it to the four corners of the earth..
Pink and white .. glistening in the early morning mist ..
Taking its colour to brighten the ground with a mosaic of laughter
Fleeting pleasure .. as our lives can be…
But we must hold that pleasure … entrust it to our heart..
And as the winds of change blow and tear at our soul…
Remember the blossom .. see the beauty .. feel the gentleness
Enjoy …
Have faith in our lives .. and the world ….

Phil Sanders


Sitting here quietly as the rain gently falls
A day full of clouds and showery squalls
But my heart full of sunlight and beauteous thoughts
As I now know the way that my life runs its course
Your loveliness fills all my soul and my heart
A cup that’s so full it overflowed from the start
I see all the love that is lit in your eyes
And still that thought sparks so much joy and surprise
For you are so special … a dream that’s come true
I’ll always be saying how much I love you
I still taste your kisses although we’re apart
Your softness is with me so deep in my heart
My life is fulfilled with your beauty and charms
I wait here until you return to my arms
I love you my darling more than you’ll ever know
A lifetime of passion for you here I’ll show
When once more together as one we will be
With love and deep feelings so intimately

Phil Sanders


The wind tears at my face as I run through the storm
My mind whirling with passion, joy and desire….
A moment’s beautiful madness as the rain soaks me
Making me laugh out loud….
My laughter disappears on the wind …
Into the unknown distance ….to be picked up by the leaves..
As they scatter under the storm’s wrath…
But nothing can stop the joy in my heart ….
I am fulfilled .. after all of these years…

A soulmate has entered my being and delivered me from eternal despair…
Lighting my heart and my mind with her love and desire..
Her tenderness and her beauty ….
Each time my lips touch hers .. the lightning flashes in my soul…
Leaving me in pure ecstasy … awaiting the next electric touch..
We run naked through our lives …pleasure oozing from our pores
A joy and passion that cannot be dimmed but will always shine brightly in the sky
I feel her presence whether she is lying next to me.. or across the ocean…
It stills my beating heart and fills it with contentment …
What joys and pleasures there are to come …
Each moment with her a new lifetime ….
I am fulfilled ………forever

Phil Sanders


Moonlight filters through the window
Fireflies dancing flights of love
As the evening slowly drifting
Shows the silken stars above
Long ago men searched the sky
Seeking thoughts and signs to hold
Waiting then for portents shining
Through the darkened night so bold
As they sailed their flimsy schooners
Round the oceans deep and wide
So the world became much smaller
As great distance they did ride
Then industrial revolution
Opened options never known
Now the world is like a raindrop
Falling freely on seeds sown
Sprouting up ideas like snowflakes
Myriad of thoughts and deeds
Internet and IPod billions
Opening up the chance to read
Where will all this progress lead us?
How will all the changes seem?
Now and then we need to ease down
Let the gentle minds just dream

Phil Sanders


The golden glow effuses
Between the wintry trees
Enlightening the moment
A light for nature's breeze
Such incandescent glory
As the light delights the eye
And daylight rises beautifully
To cascade o'er the sky
So let the magic fill you
With wonder and sweet thoughts
As gently through the day
Your mind just takes its course

Phil Sanders


If we don’t dream then how will we….
Cross the world and feel so free
Within our mind the swell and storm
Of yearned for wishes now does form
To far flung places in the sun
To projects that we wish we’d done
For time we’ll spend so carefully
With all those things we wish to see
To memories …. we want one day
To people ….who we want to say…
I’m glad we met and now I know…
That all these thoughts and dreams I’ll sow…
Upon the four winds and the sea
Where everyone believes in me

Phil Sanders


From the brilliance of sunrise
To foggy morning’s gloom
The world is plunged so quickly
Into a darkened tomb
The tug is slowly drifting
Around the river’s side
So silent in the whiteout
As everything does hide
The world is stuck in limbo
Awaiting nature’s breeze
When finally some wind
Will blow through all the trees
Until then apparitions
Appear through murky light
A seagull on the wing
Still able to take flight
A man appears by magic
Like a curtain has been drawn
As quickly down the towpath
He hurries to keep warm
For fog just hangs around you
With a silent fearful dread
And everyone is rushing
To get home and go to bed

Phil Sanders


And on this day of lovers
Consider those alone
Imagine as they wait there
Just sitting by the phone
Willing it to ring
Wanting it to call
Hoping that their heart
Will not have to wait for Fall
Their eyes are looking misty
As lost loves fill their mind
Moments of such tenderness
Again .. when will they find?
An aching for a gentle kiss
To wet those dry parched lips
A warmth of feeling from a hug
All these they deeply miss
So send them thoughts of happiness
And visions of release
So they may feel a moment
Of sweet and tender peace

Phil Sanders


A musical vision as dawn begins
The vibrant colours like humming strings
Then voices sing mysteriously
As reflections fall across the sea
The sirens wail with darkened clouds
But dawn fights back and calls aloud
To shed a symphony of light
Providing all with such delight
An oratorio of sheen
As colours dance so brightly seen
A flute of birds just flutters by
As soft as any lullaby
Until crescendos reached so high
And dawn at last just fills the sky

Phil Sanders


Feel your imagination fly
Above the clouds, across the sky
Seek the answers life beholds
And watch the world as day unfolds
Alight upon the nearest star
And feel the power from afar
Uncertain times are blown away
Just stand up straight and have your say
Let all around know who you see
Put forward thoughts with ecstasy
Arrange your mind in deepest thought
And see what mysteries come forth
As deep inside ourselves we’ll know
The seeds of future wishes sown

Phil Sanders


The fragrance of the lavender
Enhances senses sweet
As I then notice movement
And spot a glorious treat
A butterfly is flitting
Between the scented flowers
It dances like a fairy
Back and forth for hours
Its beauty and its grace
Mesmeric in its flight
Just part of summer’s glory
Such a wondrous simple sight
A silent flap of wings
Then off to pastures new
My eyes see such enjoyment
That then I think of you

Phil Sanders


The orange orb is setting
At the ending of the day
I watch it disappear
And gently slip away
To take away the thoughts
That filled my mind so deep
And leave me standing wistfully
Before I go to sleep
My weary legs will walk me
Across the field so dark
Before the moonlight splutters
And makes the light just spark
The shadows make me think
Of happenings that day
And every feeling simmers
As I stride on my way
I see the lighted cottage
As the plume of smoke does rise
I know that when I reach it
I’ll have a nice surprise
For waiting in there for me
My love of evermore
And she will hug me tightly
As I walk through the door
She’ll take away the ills of day
And start the evening right
With kisses oh so tender
And love throughout the night

Phil Sanders


Black clouds are across all the world
With oceans of rain from the sky
A bleak and depressing January day
As the birds hunker down not to fly
The eyes of the darkness pervade
As the stark and oppressive day stays
Young Spring is prevented from birth
As the Winter maintains all its ways
Those daffodils peeking outside
Now regret all that vigorous growth
The desolate state of the storm
Has prevented the sun more than most
The river is tattered and torn
Battered by winds and by sleet
The man rushes by to get home
To a fire where he dries off his feet
But soon the sun is triumphant
A glow of new life issues forth
And the glory of Spring and new birth
Will fill us with sweetness and warmth

Phil Sanders


The day dawns with a wondrous glow
As light pours in my mind
I feel the life force flowing deep
As there inside I find
A joy at all of nature’s deeds
Such passion there to see
Bidden by the angels wings
I soar so high to flee
To feel the wind blow softly
And smell such sweet perfume
As roses grow so beautifully
And now begin to bloom
I sense the birds around me
As they glide across the sky
Its azure blue magnificent
Filling up my eyes
I hear the mighty water
As it crashes through the glen
Its crisp and cold demeanour
Sets me awake again
I stand upon a mountain
And see the seven seas
A mighty set of oceans
Between the climbing trees
I breathe all life within me
As the sun begins to rise
And fill my heart with songs
At such a sweet surprise
My life is flowing beautifully
A course so clear and true
So come and sense this glory
And feel the same way too

Phil Sanders


The hands of time move slowly
As midnight now appears
The fading of the old
The birth of a New Year
A point to look at lives
Assess what has become
Review the future plans
Decide what will be done
To take the morning fresh
And see the dawn anew
As things become much clearer
With the setting of the dew
The sun will slowly rise
To expose the thoughts and deeds
As this year opens forth
And the old one now recedes
So feel the joy of living
Embrace the world once more
Boldly stride straight forward
And open that new door

Phil Sanders