My Poetry


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The night's mysterious shadows shroud my thoughts..
As darkness all pervades my very soul
What memories are varnished by the moon
Will I once again be fully whole?

O' thou whose spirit alights my soul,
Bestow your precious love to my aide.
Scaling heights of the shadows in the night,
At Eden's door, I will not be afraid.

I feel the strength of the night inside me
As the moon glistens on the water's side
I await your presence beside me
Whence I will then be satisfied....

'Mid sylvan glades and rose strewn paths.
As twilight falls with silver glow,
My thoughts imprisoned by desire's chains,
On wings of rapture we shall flow.

Phil & Brenda Sue


The first time that she fell for him
Was watching in the light so dim
And as he slowly walked her way
She felt her heart and body sway
Her heart beat faster as he spoke
It felt that it had stopped and broke
Her breath so short it came in bursts
She realized he'd be the first

Hand in hand they walked the sands
Of the ocean by the lands
Their love was sent from high above
So fresh as it was bright young love

Her parents did not understand
To them he was just tough and tanned
They locked her in her room so tight
Knowing he would look all night
Searching and searching till day break
All in vain for his heart did ache
Casing his sail upon the ocean fair
Being apart he could not bear

Heart to heart they walked the sands
Of the ocean by the lands
Their love was sent from high above
So fresh as it was bright young love

But love will always conquer all
It will not falter fail or fall
So quietly at dead of night
He stole her from her parent's sight
Away they ran across the sea
To feel the joys of liberty
And to this day they live as one
Underneath the glorious sun

Spirit by spirit they walk the sands
Of the ocean by the lands
Their love was sent from high above
So fresh as it was bright young love

Phil Sanders & Brenda Sue


Walking on the mountian tops with you
Our spirits soar as the eagles on high
Holding your hand as the wind blows strong
I feel the world surround me and I sigh

Walking on the sea shore with you
Making love with the passion of the waves
Kissing your sensual lips so tenderly
As our love swells to a crescendo of joy

Walking in the valley with you
Fearing nothing as long as we are together
Our footsteps echo to each other
As one with the love that we share

Walking across heaven with you
Dancing as the celestial chorus plays
A symphony of eloquence
As forever we sing in sweetest harmony

WE WALK IN LOVE AS ONE ....................

Phil Sanders & Brenda Sue 9/3/08


Last night I had a dream, that showed how we were a team.
How all through the years, our love gently appears.
Then the dream changed and everything was rearranged.
I awakened with a start, realizing how lonely life would be apart.
Our baby's paddling little feet made my wakening so sweet.

I sat quietly at home and knew I couldn't be alone
My life entwined with yours, such an unbreakable force
Your lips I need to kiss, I know how them I miss
To feel your tender touch, I need that oh so much
Remembering the past, we must make it last

I made his favorite meal, to show him our love was real.
He told me he was sorry he was late and I had to wait,
I took his hand in mine and we stepped back in time.
Back when our love was new, we knew actually what to do.
He asked me for a date, believing it is not too late,
Within this crazy life, we need to take time for husband and wife

A bunch of flowers I bought, with you my only thought,
She whispered in my ear, sweet words for only me to hear.
How did we drift apart? We must make that new start,
I know the depth of love, with power from above.
So listen to me please, my plea will you take heed.
As one we must remain, or I will go insane.

With this fast pace of life, we must be man and wife

PhIl Sanders & Brenda Sue 7/3/08

Am I Real?

Our virtual life today is taking over...
No touch just images to behold...
The kiss is only on the fingertips...
Stroking the mouse to orgasm...
Internet love, one look at you,
I had better check my circuits...
My CPU sizzled out of control.

With doubtful fingertips doing keystrokes...
My modem winks seductively again...
I felt a sudden jolt in the motherboard...
Encompassed my hard drive may rebel,
Afraid of intimate contact with you.
I fear an overload is on the way...
And where is that memory, I regret.

So in my virtual world of silence
I disappear without trace...
Am I virtual too?
Spell check never, firewall never,
but most certainly this is musing...
An end is an end is an end,
but this is simply the beginning.

Phil Sanders & Brenda Sue 4/3/08


I have been haunted every minute that you've been away,
And time has no meaning till our glorious reunion day.
Our love sweetly echoes the distance to the stars,
Around the sun and moon, then straight to Mars.
The sky is so full of twinkling lights
My loneliness without you a piteous sight
I feel such desolation as I look in the sky
Without you beside me I feel that I will die
Under a crescent moon, so fair and fragile,
Apart from you, everyday is a new struggle.
My soul was lost in time from loving you,
Crossing the distance you came to my rescue.
So with your winged chariot, chase across the sky
Fill my heart with joy as you descend from up on high
Make my love explode with a million kisses sweet
And blow my mind forever as you sweep me off my feet
So as I stand here watching with the stars so bright above
I offer you the world with a galaxy of love

Phil Sanders and Brenda Sue 3/3/08


She doesn't understand ...
My life has changed
My needs are varied like the winds of time ...
Taking my heart to new beginnings ...
Different desires ...
The past lies buried in the ground ...

He doesn't understand...
Life has changed me
Together, alone, in this prison we call home...
Fantasies have become my only escape...
Always exhausted...
My heart dreams of days gone by...

She doesn't understand...
Frustration abounds...
I am locked into suburban boredom
My mind is dulled and my passion doused
A sensual frozen waste...
My soul is frozen and bound...

He doesn't understand...
The magic is gone...
A special touch, a loving look, our favorite song...
Could make so much difference...
Passion renew...
The future looks dim unless I get through to him...

She doesn't understand...
Her kisses infrequent and cold
The touch like winter and snow
I need the fire igniting again ... my body aroused
Tired and lonely
My heart screams for love...

He doesn't understand....
Loneliness lurks...
I need him to hold me, not scold me
Imprisoned by duty's chains...
Vague memories of young love...
Vanished like a dream lost in the night...

We don't understand...
What happened to us
We're living the life of our parents...
Doing what we said we would never do
Him in one corner, her in another...
Where has the magic gone?


Phil Sanders and Brenda Sue 2/3/08