My Poetry


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The Holy Grail of togetherness is cemented deeper into our hearts
As the final tenuous chains still binding you to him are stretched to breaking point
The flowing river of freedom tumbles down into our souls
Releasing the sighs of relief and contentment
The waiting is nearly complete as the dark clouds are blown to the four winds
The sun of acceptance, hope and future burns brightly in our minds
Happiness pours forth and the tenderness and love we share overcomes all
Hold my hand and walk into our future – together as one

Phil Sanders


Patience comes hand in hand with love
You will happily wait for the person that you care for
Missing you is always hard - it creates heartache
But the joy that is released upon your return is endless
A smile from your lips lights up my soul eternally
A glance from those delightful eyes melts my heart
And that first touch electrifies my very being
Like a thousand lightbulbs coursing through me
So waiting for you is easy as well as hard
Knowing the permanence of our relationship eases the soul
I thank you for the contentment that sits happily on my shoulders
And I offer you eternal love in exchange

Phil Sanders


Droplets of life fall from the heavens
Refreshing the earth’s parched crust
Leaves turn skywards to catch the new lifeblood
And it trickles down to the roots
The rain falls faster … starting rivulets of hope
Quenching the soil’s dry thirst
Faster still as torrents falls down through the trees
Creating rivers of potential fresh growth
The roots sigh as their dryness is slaked
A rebirth of their growth
The air freshens as the greenery breathes
New life is forming again … washing away the desert of impotence
A new Summer is born … the rains pass away
And the sun burns mores brightly …..
….in the reflection of the fresh green ocean floor

Phil Sanders


The words flow like a river
With everyone involved
No problem is too complex
World's problems are all solved
The laughter falls like rain
Upon the mountainside
It echoes and reverberates
And eyes are open wide
The minds fill with such interest
As thoughts are bandied round
Each set of sentences fulfil
And with a smile surround
The silences are gentle
No need to force away
For as the hearts beat softly
Each one will have their say
The art of conversation
A dying breed we're told
But when it is so bountiful
Our interest it will hold
So here's to many nights like those
Where talking will hold sway
And everyone will sleep so well
Refreshed the following day

(Dedicated to Cheryl, Ray, Melba and Adrian)


The fragrance of the pine trees and the jasmine fill my senses
And I see you framed against the hillside
Beautiful and appealing ...
A lovelier picture than the landscape surrounding you
I smell your perfume on the breeze
Its intoxicating....
My mind is full of desire and longing
As I need your touch
The sun shafts through the trees
Falling upon you and showing you in all your glory
A sight I never tire of seeing
And I sigh ....
I reach you and our fingers touch ...
The electricity flows again between us
And my heart stands still
As I drink in your beauty
Our lips touch and the fire rages inside me
Burning with a need that cannot be quenched
I want you .. there and then
Letting our passion overflow
I am singing in my heart
As my love for you grows ever stronger
Beneath the woodland peace
I feel our togetherness forever ....



The stream trickles down the mountainside
Like our love as it began to grow
Clean and refreshing it washed over us
With hidden strength and purpose
And as the days passed
It turned into a river
Flowing purposefully forward
And into our hearts
As the months flew by
It reached the estuary
A moment of decision
Before it reached the sea
But inexorably it had to flow in to the sea
As together we became one
Pouring our happiness onto the waves
And into our souls
Now we area an ocean
The might of the water is irrepressible
Nothing can stem the flow of our love
As we sweep on to the horizon of eternity together

Phil Sanders


Like gentle drops of rain the pleasure fell all weekend ..
Delight following delight as we shared each other completely
You are a vision of beauty and a temple of love
Eternity beckons with a finger of light .. stretching out forever
Peace is resounding in its silence...
Allowing the bloom of contentment to grow and blossom
Gentleness fills our souls
And delicious happiness reigns ...
No pressure is felt .. just the joy of togetherness
A fulfilment of dreams past present and future ..
I feel the sweetness of your kiss and the deepness of you love
As together we reached for the stars
I am your eternal lover and friend
Riding a chariot of complete satisfaction towards you
Join me in that ride of desire
And let us travel beyond the universe as one .. always ...



The weekend beckons when the peace returns
Our minds and bodies will sojourn
For only when we are alone
Contentment reigns ... no calls .. no phones
Within our arms we can unwind
And feel the peace of heart and mind
A stillness like the summer breeze
A drink of wine .. and good strong cheese
A touch of fingers as we pass
Our eyes reflect our love like glass
And lips that kiss so tenderly
It takes us miles across the sea
To lands where we will walk so slow
And feel such love .. that inner glow
So let your mind drift with the clouds
And hear me shout your name out loud
For only now do I feel peace
With you my darling .. so at ease

Phil Sanders


Life is a balance… not in time but in emotion
All of the wondrous things we feel are occasionally dimmed for a moment
As the awful emptiness of the abyss without you beckons
It passes like a dark cloud across my mind
Quickly banished by the tenderness felt in holding you
And the rhythmic beauty of your kiss
As my heart starts again …
And your smile melts the ice of loneliness once more
For you have driven a train of delight through my past sorrows
Steaming ever onwards into my soul
The clouds of contentment spreading over me
With a fog of peace and tranquillity
I see the world more clearly now …
Feel emotions more deeply … love more intensely
In fact I feel true love for the first time
Other moments just a passing fancy
Now replaced by the fulfilment of you by my side
A beacon of eternal hope
Shining deep in my heart for eternity
Togetherness conquering all

Phil Sanders


The water is motionless ... not a ripple disturbs its peace
The air is warm and still ...the leaves on the trees undisturbed
A freshness surrounds me... leaving me relaxed and aware
My emotions are heightened in the peace and contentment
A movement makes me stir .. it is your beautiful body next to me
Full of comfort ....warmth .. and love
I lie with you .. my hand resting gently on your shoulder
And you sigh contentedly
Such are the beautiful feelings you have released in me
The gentle elation that fills my soul
Overwhelming adoration and joy fill my heart
As you are my forever tenderness and love
I walk in the clouds..............
Felling the misty purity of togetherness
Thank you for my life my darling
Together we will always be

Phil Sanders


Each day I feel more alive than before ...
I love you more each day too ..
Our lives continue to unfold with such deep pleasure and contentment
I feel Spring in my soul every day .. a complete rebirth
You invigorate me .. filling my heart with song
My mind is soothed by your words and your presence
My body is sparkling like champagne
As I think of you naked and in my arms
I feel you as I sit here enjoying the start of the day
Reliving those wondrous moments last night
When, as one, we reached the heights of passion and desire
And your body shed its love all over me
Life is a wondrous thing now
Each day a delight as I wake with you beside me
Holding you close to me
Never wanting to let you go
I shout from the highest mountain of my love for you
I swim with the salmon .. leaping higher than they ever can
And I feel the warmth of peace and love in my soul
For you are my everything .. my future and my eternity

Phil Sanders


The carpet of white enlightens the lawn
With gentle soft edging it welcomes the dawn
As Spring reaches further with beauty and grace
The garden is altering and changing its face
More blooms are appearing as sunlight does glow
And raindrops are falling … life’s enriching sweet flow
The Summer is beckoning as skies turn so blue
Delight for us all with such colours so true
Expect April showers and cold windy nights
Frost still may appear before its demise
But feel all the warmth in the air and your dreams
Nothing enhances your life more than Spring .. so it seems

Phil Sanders


Waves of pleasure wash over me as I recall the weekend
Such a delight to see you smile so radiantly .. so often
A sea of delicious memories created ...
More to add to the ever growing fund in our hearts
You grow more beautiful and more contented by the hour
At last we both are fulfilling our love
Creating such wonderful feelings
That grow ever deeper in our souls
I need you more than ever my darling
You are the part that makes me whole
Without you .. I'm a rudderless ship on the ocean of life
Drifting helplessly with no purpose
But with you ... the symphony of joy sings in my heart
Playing rhapsodies of your voice and your thoughts
A never ending melody of hope and desire
We will always make such sweet music together



Feel my love gently caressing you
Soothing your fears and your concerns
I am always here for you like the tallest mountain
Standing firm in all weathers and through all storms
And when you look closely
You'll see the shoots of love sprouting all over me
Ready to blossom everyday
And shower you with droplets of contentment
Relax and enjoy the desire that flows from me
As our lips kiss with the sweetness of wine
Take comfort from the eternity of our love
And the forever of togetherness

Phil Sanders


The twig snaps and a brief movement blurs
As the pheasant with a flash of colour disappears into the undergrowth
The great trees covering his escape as they swallow him up
Into the wooden wilderness
The freshness of the pine pervades the air
Crackling twigs burning of an effervescence of perfume
The smoke drifts lazily through the woods
Caressing the leaves as it passes
Sunlight filters through with beams of existence
Warming the matted floor and our souls
As the Spring begins to sing
Heralding the beginning of life for the birds and the beasts of the forest
Frantic preparation as the blossom begins to break forth
Time is precious before the little ones arrive
And daylight must be used to fulfilment
To ensure that nests are complete
The blossoms now break into a symphony of colour
Shedding their beauty across our eyes
Bright colours dance in our minds
And fulfil our pleasure
The sunlight is taken greedily by all
Finally banishing the Winter's ills
As we all shed our dark masks
And the smiles of Summer beckon

Phil Sanders


To hear you moving round is such comfort to me
Like a warm sunny day it surrounds me with contentment
I feel your beauty near me
And it fills my soul with such wonderful hope for the future
For already we have climbed mountains and forded rivers
Our love has grown like the flowers in springtime
A bud and then it blossoms as the time passes
Before it becomes the beautiful fruit that we are and will be
The gentle make up in the morning enhances your ever growing beauty
You shine like a beacon of desire for me
As the lighthouse of my life....
Beaming for eternity

Phil Sanders


Light dances across my mind….
The illusion of peace
Reflecting thoughts and moments….
That will be
Our future showing in our hearts
As it moves forever onward
Our lives entwined in time…
Forward into the past
An incantation rings through history
Moulding us as a symphony
Notes glistening in the sunrise
And setting into our hearts
The epiphany of love
Unfolding like the mountain from the mist
Into eternal rays ….
Of contented love

Phil Sanders


Time’s measured moments
Drip through our existence
Cloying at our lives
With seconds of momentous impact
Whilst specks in the millennium
Such a devastating effect on our souls
Creating or shattering illusions
That may .. or may not be
Feel the power of their passing
Never waste them ..
Enjoy the roller coaster ride of life
And its eternal mystery

Phil Sanders


And from the depths of sleep I wake to feel you there
I cannot wait to show you how much I truly care
We share such magic moments as the films go gently by
With you I'm always ten feet tall and know that I can fly
My heart pounds irresistibly when you are coming near
With you and I together .... there's nothing that I fear
Your beauty leaves me speechless as I see those dancing eyes
And when you look at me with love it still gives me surprise
For you are what I searched for .... all those lonely years
A soulmate to encompass me .... to share all things so dear
Your lovemaking is legion .... it takes my breath away
I love you more my darling .... every single day
I walk with you on mountains .... in valleys lush and green
And memorise those moments .... everything we've seen
The sky is always bluer .... and the stars they sparkle bright
When the glorious day is over .. and we welcome in the night
A time to slowly cuddle and remember all our smiles
As we hold each other close .. along night's tender miles

Phil Sanders


The roses grow so quickly
Across the arch so tall
They'll flower throughout the summer
And on into the fall
A symbol of our love
As they bloom and smell sublime
Just as our perfect happiness
Will last the end of time
Your smile is like their beauty
As it lights up all your face
With such a tender look
And everlasting grace
The perfume that they issue
Is how you smell each day
So fresh and so delicious
I love you every way
And when they sleep in winter
Like you do every night
Just like your morning smile
In spring they will delight
For like you they continue
To give such lovely peace
And make me feel I with you
Contented and at ease



Slowly we meander through the turbulence of life
Awaiting the onset of fire and flood
But hoping .. hoping for the lightness and grace
Of tranquility and peace
We find our natural harbour in our hearts
Where restfulness will reign
With the tenderness of another
And life will softly set like a magical sunset
Each day we will rise with the joy of sunrise
And the symphony of birds will sing out loud
Welcoming us to a time of endearment and ethereal delight
As our partner’s touch resounds through our soul
It washes over us like a summer breeze
And contentment will be our watchword
As the cycle of life turns ever slower
To allow the enjoyment to filter through
And surround us with a gentle mystique
I salute the freedom that pleasure brings
The happiness of togetherness when shared so completely
As the vision of fulfilment becomes reality
Reaching up to the stars and across the universe
A solar powered enticement to us all
For the deep mellowness that being as one unfolds
Will fill our minds with soft clouds of serenity
Allow the world to give you such grace
Seek the union that will bring you solace
And the synthesis of quiet contemplation
Feel the equanimity of soulmates

Phil Sanders


You fill my heart with song .. I dance on clouds...
Your smile beams in my soul .. filling me with wonder
I feel your touch even when we are apart..
And your kisses rain on my lips forever .. like sweet wine ...
Your tenderness is soft like a floating feather ...
And your voice is a symphony of words ....
I hear it in my head .. playing with such glorious harmony
And melting my very being...
You are everything to me ... my pinnacle of contentment
A vison of sheer delight every morning when I wake
Come feel my love inside you ... with fiery passion
Every waking moment and when you restfully sleep
We are togetherness forever..
An eternal flame of delight .. burning deep inside each other
Our love fresh and clear like the mountain stream filled with snow ..
Flowing into the future as one ....



The ring symbolises the cirlce of love that we share ..
Ever unbroken .. always continuous ...
You have given me the happiness I have always sought ..
And the peace and contentment that I have craved ...
We are as one with each other .. until the end of time..
For we are eternal soulmates ...
Living this life as one .. and many more in the future ...
We have a deep understanding that comes rarely ..
And we both appreciate how lucky we are...
Thank you for my life my darling ..
I love you with a passion and fire that will always be unquenched..
For you are my everlasting companion..
My love for all time ....

Phil Sanders

AS .....

The storm that raged last night
As we were two ships on the roaring sea
The tempest that welled inside us
As we loved ...
Such incredible passion
As one we rose and fell
On the waves of our emotions
As we shared...
Oblivious to all the world
Within our own enclave
A haven of desire
As we came ...
And then the hand of peace
Came across us both
An ocean of contentment
As we slept...
Then the dawn awoke
With us till in each other's arms
An overwhelming tenderness
As we kissed....
Another day begins
A weekend beckons now
Such pleasure we will share
As always ..................... forever ....

Phil Sanders


You are the light of my life
My heartbeat .. my very soul ...
I feel you in everything I do..
And everywhere I go ...
I have never known such intimacy ..
And such love...
You touch my instincts ... my senses..
So deep inside of me ...
That I am not whole whenever I am without you ...
However long .. I ache for you ...
We are so much as one .. so entwined ...
I feel your pain ..and your happiness...
I have waited all this time to find you ...
And now I have contentment..
With such deep pure love ....
I adore you my sweet angel..
I worship the ground that you walk on ...
Thank you for my life ....
Accept my heart for eternity .....

Phil Sanders


Like the eagle on the wing I soar through the sky ... fuelled by your love ...
Each morning I ride the rays of the sunrise as my heart beats faster ... with you in my arms..
Together we encircle the world .. looking down on the sea of contentment ..
Sailing our happiness together ...
I feel the clouds of delight encompass me I see your enchanting eyes ...
They transport me into our world of pleasure...
Where we are coccooned from all harm and hurt ....
You are my train of desire and you take me along the tracks of sensuality ..
Into a world of lovemaking I have never known before ...
Our love grows stronger and like the wind blows us towards forever..
Strengthening each day and with a single purpose .. for us to be together for eternity ...
My love seeps into your bones and fills you with peace .. as you do for me ...
Never forget the passion that we share nor the love that is so truly ours .... always ......

Phil Sanders


It is so difficult to switch off the light of my love when you are quiet...
It burns more brightly to try and show you the way back to happiness..
A beacon of hope for you to sail to and find your haven of peace again...
Come into my harbour of love ....and we will sail into the ocean of contentment..
To laugh and enjoy the pleasure that only we can find for each other...
You are my sea of the future and the lake of today ...
Washing your love over me with every breath you take....
Feel my strength inside you .. and let your love guide you from sadness...
I am always here to beyour rock and your support..
Let my love fill you with peace again ....

Phil Sanders


As the glorious rays of the sun fill the sky...
So my heart fills with even more love for you ...
The weekend approaches and the joys that it will bring flow into my soul ...
Your loveliness and company are in my head..
I want the end of the day to come quickly ..
When I can share the delights of your mind and your body ..
And feel the peace and contentment only we know...
You are my very existence .. my reason for living..
Without you the world is just a black empty hole ...
You fill my life with your treasures...
And I adore and worship your tenderness..
We are one my darling ...through every storm of life...
And enjoying every precious moment..
Come make more dreams with me ....

Phil Sanders