My Poetry


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The softness of the light matches your face
As you lie there in perfect stillness
Your breasts rise and fall in gentle harmony
As your silky sweet body rests
I kiss those succulent lips that hours before...
.. had been on fire with mine
A maelstrom of passion and love as our desires spilled over...
Matched by the loving tenderness we always feel ..
I stroke your cheek slowly ...
With caring and love and desire stirs again deep inside me...
You kiss me sweetly and your sensual lips are full again...
Full of promise and desire ....
I let you fall asleep as I have to leave our pleasure place..
Awaiting the next moment when our lovemaking will again unfold ...
Releasing the beautiful temptation that only we create...
With a furnace of intensity ... a raging torrent of emotion ...
I dream of you all day .. and your soft and gorgeous touch ...
Walk with me in my dreams to our perfect eternity ...
Forever together in each other's arms ...


MY ROSE ......

As the soft petals of the rose ...
Your lips kiss mine ...
I feel the tenderness soak through me..
... and seep into my soul
The years will seal the depth of our love
Each minute like raindrops they will soak into my heart
A depth of desire and passion never before known
You are the beauty of the rose...
Your body its fragrance...
Your strength is the roots...
....and your elegance its stem
I live to see it bloom forever ...
.... like our everlasting love
Come .. grow old with me..
In a haven of peace together...
My eternal soulmate .. my forever friend....


JUST .........

Just like the stars up in the sky
My love for you will never die
Just like the rain that falls so deep
My love for you will never sleep
Just like the oceans far and wide
My love for you is deep inside
Just like the mountains reaching tall
My love for you will never fall
Just like the rivers racing fast
My love for you will always last
Just like the world than turns and turns
My love for you will ever yearn
Just like the snow that crystal clear
My love for you is always dear
Just like the sun’s unyielding glare
My love for you is always there
Just like the moon’s electric glow
My love for you will never go
Just like the smile upon your face
My love for you is full of grace
Just like the passion we enjoy
This love’s eternal from this boy

Phil Sanders


The soft light holds your beauty
Within my pleasured eyes
And as you lie there sleeping
I feel your sensual sighs
A moment of reflection
To share our love so deep
And hold you in my arms
Whilst you so restful sleep
I feel your sweet serenity
As with me there you lie
A glorious sweet gentleness
Forever you are mine
For this life and the future
We'll always be as one
To live in love so deeply
And rise to see the sun
For you are so delightful
So pretty and so warm
I feel such strong emotions
When we wake to see the dawn
I fall for you each morning
And want you every day
For you are sweet perfection
In every single way
So come with me my darling
Across the world so bright
For you are always with me
And such a beauteous sight

Phil Sanders


Your breath kisses me softly
As in my arms you lay
Like angels wings caressing me
In such a gentle way
Transporting me to heaven
As you sleep with gentle sighs
I never cease to wonder
At your beauty in my eyes
I love to watch you walking
As your body gently sways
And know that passion rises
As I feel your sensual ways
I hold your hand so tenderly
As through the streets we walk
And listen so intently
Whenever you do talk
I’ll always be beside you
And be there strong and tall
So when you need me darling
All you have to do is call

Phil Sanders


The lights are soft and the music slow
You move with such a wondrous glow
I feel your body close and warm
Again my love for you is born
We sway as one with rhythm strong
I kiss your lips so sweet .. so long
I want to make sweet love with you
Because desire is ours so true
I feel you snuggle closer still
It gives me such electric thrills
A beauty unsurpassed I see
As you get oh so close to me
I know that we will love all night
Because you are a soft delight
Our passion strong and so complete
Each time we love I feel replete
The years will always show to me
How we are meant eternally
Our love a ship which sails so free
Across life's oceans with such glee
I love you darling deep and strong
I want you all my whole life long

Phil Sanders


The waters run deep ... washing emotions raw ...
I feel the pebbles of life moving again ...rolling around like a roulette wheel
My feet in shifting sands before they reach the ground...
Tears close to the surface but stilled as the winds of change blow over....
The depth of my love for you ...holding me tight and stopping me from flowing with the stream..
I need the constancy of your love my soulmate...
Helping me through this turbulent life...
Giving me the peace and contentment that only you can give ...
Our moments of worry .. like rainstoems .. are blown away ..
And the sun of fulfilment and happiness reappear ..
Strengthened by the passing of the storms ....
I need your sunshine.. your laughter and your smile ..
I need to make love with you and reach that fulfilment we both crave for ..
I need to give you all that you wish for and desire...
For you are my eternity ... my forever valentine ...
Come wash away the clouds of doubt and help me walk into your sunlight .....

Phil Sanders


I am in a time capsule of pleasure … it surrounds me …
Letting me feel my senses more clearly …
The sun shines brighter and mellows my mind…
I am relaxed …
The sea washes the shore … my toes dip into the warm water
A warm summer breeze flows over me ..
Filling my soul with contentment … and thoughts of you …
The garden bench transports me to the distant clouds…
Flying with swifts as they dance in the air …
Making patterns of joy in the sky …..
The silence is soothing .. as the world whispers by …
My hand reaches for yours and the magic begins…
We are transported to the shore …
Our toes digging into the warm sand ….
As we sit under the shade of the palm tree……
Our lives intertwined now … like our bodies…
A maelstrom of passion … rising up like the mountains
Formidable … full of desire and beauty ..
As you are when we make love…
I see your toes curl with anticipation as I enter you ..
Our love fulfilling and complete as we climax as one …
A delight that only true lovers can ever experience…
I feel your breathing .. soft and shallow as you lay in my arms..
Passion spent and tender love soothing us softly …
I want to stay like this forever ….
Feeling your heartbeat send a message of love to mine…
As they mingle like the waters of two mountain streams..
Fresh and ever flowing like our love ….
Today is the continuation of our lives together..
Joy and feelings so deep and so true ….
Forever togetherness a delight to experience…
I see your beauty in my mind … breathtaking …
As each morning when I awake with you in my arms …
The anticipation of the day enhanced by your softness..
My love ever deeper .. ever growing stronger …
I did not live before I met you …
Only now do I feel the completeness of life
Only now do I truly love ….. for eternity …

Phil Sanders


Reflections on the water .. reflections of my life..
The stillness of the day is deafening as the river sits patiently in the sunlight..
My mind feels the gentle silence and the reflective beauty …
Awash with loving thoughts of you.. and I smile …
Contemplating the loveliness that you bring to me ….
I feel your tenderness surround me ..
The sweetness of your lips on mine .. a passionate fire inside …
Raging in my soul as your sensuality burns deeply into me …
My new life feeling the birth of the spring’s renewal…
Contentment washing over me as the mist of love descends …
To lighten my thoughts and deepen my desires….
The lapping of the water .. soft and gentle like your touch …
But with a hidden sparkle that promises so much …..
I need to taste your love and let it drip all over me like a juicy peach …
Its nectar sweet and sticky on my lips .. its delicious flavour like your passion …
A day to experience the vibrancy of life .. and the subtlety of your being..
A time to appreciate your beauty and your love ……

Phil Sanders


The morning dew is suspended by the frost … waiting for the sunlight to set it free
Just as I wait patiently for the days to pass and then be part of you ..
My life is just beginning as I share your love my soulmate …
A vast plain of pleasure stretching out before us ..
The beauty of your smile enlightens my world .. a beacon of hope ..
As the days stretch onwards .. inviting me to follow them ..
I taste your lips each morning as I wake and feel your softness in my arms as I sleep..
Arousing passion and desire like a flow of molten lava ..
Irrepressible and inexorably moving to the fulfilment of our love…
Sweet moments of peace .. like the stillness at dawn wash over me …
I sense your heart beating in mine .. a steady rhythm as we live in each other’s souls
What beauty I see in your face .. and what lovelight shining from you eyes..
Your look caresses my heart and sends me into an ever deepening pool of love..
Our future awaits my beautiful lover ..such happiness yet untapped ..
Such love yet unfolded …. a vision of togetherness…
Flying high above the world .. free and safe … happy and warm..
Our lives will soon be one in such a brief moment of time ….

Phil Sanders



Each day that passes sets me free……
From the shackles of the past…..
I feel the winds blow through my mind … releasing my thoughts..
Letting my emotions settle in peaceful stillness..
Your beauty washes over me .. renewing and regenerating..
Your voice .. soothing and tempting …a softness with passion inside..
I feel your touch as you hold me … igniting my fires .. a raging torrent of desire
What gloriously refreshing moments …
And as our lips meet .. a fusion of love and happiness…
Desire and lust rise like the Kraken as it awakes .. and overwhelms me
A beast that fuses beauty, love and desire into a cup of fulfilment …
I need your love .. you caress my soul…
The sun burns brightly in my heart as I think of you …
Time immemorial encapsulated in one person ….
A persona that is so powerful that it shrinks my fears ..
And opens up a never ending road to the future ..
You are my love, my life and my needs..
Building towers of delight that no one can tear down..
The strength I feel from your being is incalculable .. and insurmountable..
It gives me unending hope for happiness..
I need you near to me .. in my arms where I can enjoy you ..
To feel your breath on my cheek as you look unerringly into my eyes…
And to want you forever .. my darling .. my life … my release from those bonds..
Run with me through the clear mountain stream and feel the warmth of the summer sun
For your beauty and love burn forever bright in my soul ….
And my love is a cup of happiness for you that runneth over …

Phil Sanders



At last the sunlight of freedom beckons ....
An opening in the dark days of despair ....the future awaits ...
Your wings .. so long dusty and asleep .. are now awoken by the winds of change..
As they blow through your soul ...
The birds sing more brightly .. and the sky is bluer .. as the oceans roar thunders in your head...
You feel lightheaded and alive .. you can hear your heartbeat..
As it pounds the drum of delight in your footsteps ...
You can walk whichever road you choose ... the path of freedom is yours to take...
You are released froms the bonds of other's needs... yours are set free..
Your mind flows like a raging torrent of happiness and contentment
The light is shining brightly now ... leading you onwards ..
You take flight into your own life ..
Sail the winds ... fly the breeze ... laugh your tears of joy .....
I shall be proud to fly with you when and where you desire ......
You are ... yourself ............. and my heart beats with yours forever ....

Phil Sanders


The day meanders further … wind and rain mixed with the sun of a smile
Time drips slowly from the clock of thought ..
Taking me to other worlds and places that I desire..
You slip into my mind and set my pulse racing …..
My heart pounds faster as your eyes seep into mine …
Holding me close and showing me your love …
Passion awakes and the furnace burns brighter … my soul beams
Your beauty .. like a summer’s day .. washes over me
And the tears of distance run down my cheeks …
You are flying back to me .. on the wings of love …
Bringing my life with you .. to make me whole again ..
Your lips press softly against mine .. like an angel’s kiss
Tender and inviting … teasing me from afar .. offering desire..
A gentle summer breeze brushes my fingers as I feel your softness close by ..
Your silky skin .. smooth against my cheek … and full of need …
A furnace of emotion courses my veins .. as I feel you beside me now …
Our love flowing like lava from Etna’s depths..
Ready to overcome us with wanton craving…
And everlasting love ….
Fly to me my beautiful butterfly ..
Rest your soft gossamer wings on my body ….
And flutter your eyelids in my mind ….
Awakening the love of centuries .. and the tenderness of your soul

Phil Sanders


What do I miss? – I miss your smile
That lights the world and does beguile
I miss your feet .. such elegance
And as I hear .. I turn and glance
I miss your laughter .. billowing round
Such happiness .. a joyous sound
I miss your touch .. so soft and true
Another reason .. I LOVE YOU
I miss your kiss … that stops me dead
It fills my soul and spins my head
I miss the chance to hold you tight
And see those eyes .. a wondrous sight
I miss your silent, tender ways
As all I do ….is ache for days
I miss your spirit … wild and free
It always does encompass me
I miss your love .. so full and deep
I cry at night before I sleep
But most of all.. I miss my life
For it is you .. and sadness rife

Phil Sanders


A fire burns inside me
Smouldering slow
Each time that I think of you
It fuels the glow
My passion aroused
I need you to hold
As desires are raging
My arms now unfold
To welcome you close
I smell your perfume
A heady aroma
It fills all the room
We dance in a circle
Our bodies entwined
You fill me with lust
And set fire to my mind
Your fingers caress me
My lips kiss you soft
And then I just lift you
Above me .. aloft
And onto the bed
Our clothes strewn around
I lie there a moment
Not making a sound
Then hunger becomes us
Our lips start to mesh
Our lovemaking fiery
So needy and fresh
Our bodies are writhing
With passion so deep
Many more hours
Will pass ’fore we sleep

Phil Sanders


The morning dawns around me
Spilling light into my mind
As the birds sing with such eloquence
And loveliness I find
A new day dawns without you
The clouds of sorrow weep
But I know that I will love you more
Before I go to sleep
I have a world of happiness
That only we do know
And come the Spring’s magnificence
More joy we both shall sow
As I am yours my darling
For now and evermore
And softly I will wait
To see that open door
When you return with pleasure
And such kisses so divine
We’ll laugh and hug and love and cry
Until the end of time
Creating more sweet memories
Enjoying who we are
No matter where we do it
Either here or off afar
For as eternal soulmates
Our love will never die
But always be within us
And in the sea and sky
Sailing over oceans
Flying with the storm
A love that will endure
Until we are reborn

Phil Sanders


Your voice such beauty flowing
In my ears from far away
I’m counting down the seconds
Till your returning day
I’m in a small cocoon
With our memories inside
It helps to keep me settled
Across the oceans wide
The calmness of our love
Is a comfort in my heart
For I miss you so deeply
Whilst we are apart
I ache to hold you close
And kiss those lips so sweet
And lie there naked with you
As we talk and love .. a treat
For when you come back home
Our lives begin afresh
No more will either one of us
Be any more enmeshed
Like birds upon the wing
We’ll fly together free
As lovers … one together
For everyone to see
To walk the sandy shores
And climb the mountains high
Within each other’s arms
With such a gentle sigh
For you are now my future
My love to now behold
A love that will sustain us
As we gradually get old
A love that burns with passion
A love contented too
That’s why my darling lady
I’ll always be with you

Phil Sanders


The world spins ever slower as I look into your face
A glorious soft sweet beauty full of love and grace
My heart is beating faster as your lips are close to mine
I look into your eyes and see my eternal Valentine
Your fingers stroke me softly and I crumble at your touch
The love is pounding in me and I want you .. oh so much
I feel your passion growing as our kisses burn on fire
And my body screams with need at this wondrous deep desire
We fall as one together on the bed so soft and warm
Knowing we’ll make love until the break of dawn
Lying there together with a love that is fulfilled
Until the naked passion refuses to be stilled
And then the mighty waters will flow in us once more
As I am one inside you with such a throaty roar
Our bodies writhe together like a sea of molten flame
Knowing that our lives at last will never be the same
And slowly as the passion cools and I hold you sensually
I know that you are my desire for all eternity

Phil Sanders


I stand and watch the stars
So bright up in the sky
And know than many miles away
They twinkle in your eye
For distance is irrelevant
When deepest love we share
The memory of your touch
Just wipes away all cares
And though my heart aches softly
Whilst my arms are empty too
I just remember all the things
That I have shared with you
It makes the days go easier
And helps me through the nights
So that I’ll wait here patiently
For your sweet soft delights
I’ve never known a love before
That makes me see so clear
And gives me gentle calmness
As I wait for future years
For we are always soulmates
With laughter there to share
And passion bubbling gently
Awaiting time to flare
I feel the sweetness of your lips
Your sensual bright touch
And every sense within me
Shouts I love you so much
So when the time is ready
Return back here to me
And in my arms I’ll welcome you
For all eternity



As life's short pages turn
And chapters are replaced
I often sit and wonder
Of all the time we waste
And as my hair gets greyer
The wisdom comes so clear
That we should cherish time
Each and every year
When one of us is absent
Across the seven seas
Our love will keep us comforted
Until they reappear
Despite the heart's deep sorrow
At the time you are away
I still keep smiling daily
With memories every day
For every time we touch
A feeling is then kept
Within my heart and soul
So I'll not feel bereft
For I can taste your kisses
And feel your passions deep
Each morning when I wake
And then when I'm asleep
For no one else can know
The tenderness we share
The love and sensuality
The softness and the care
So every second passing
I'll love you even more
And warm my heart and soul
With our sweet close rapport

Phil Sanders


Spring is just starting to bloom
The sun bright and stong in the sky
And birds singing bright in the trees
My mind watching clouds drifting by
A moment of peace in this world
A time to let thoughts fill my head
Just sitting with sunlight beside me
As I lay so quiet on my bed
You float in my mind from afar
And your touch caresses my cheek
I sense your perfume surround me
And I glance for the lover I seek
I ache for you there in my arms
With passion so strong and so deep
Without you here at this moment
I feel salty tears as I weep
You are all my life and my love
Without you…a hole in my heart
For you presence is soothing to me
I hate it when we are apart
But soon you will walk through the door
And your smile will brighten my soul
And as I hold you so close
At last once again I am whole

Phil Sanders


I see your face beside me
Expressive and relaxed
As gently morning wakes you
And night has slowly passed
We held each other tenderly
And shared the dreams of love
Whilst overhead the wispy moon
And stars shone bright above
I touch your silky skin
And feel your sensual power
As softly you awake
Another day is ours
So in my arms you snuggle
As our love begins to flow
With all our senses reeling
And passion now does grow
Expressing all so intimate
Between we soulmates two
I find your beauty breathtaking
And breathe my love for you

Phil Sanders


The lightning flashes
The thunder roars
I stand beneath it
As rain does pour
My arms outstretched
Unto the sky
A storm within me
I’m feeling high
My love is bursting
Within my soul
For with my lover
I am whole
She helps me fly
Above the clouds
Across the seas
Far from the crowds
We walk alone
Along the beach
No one else
Is now in reach
The sun is warming
Water’s clear
We walk quite gently
No more tears
For we are free
To love as one
Beneath the sky
In morning’s sun
And so I turn
To hold her tight
And on her face
A glorious sight
As our sweet love
Is in her stare
And sweet contentment
Reflected there

Phil Sanders


In the quiet of the morning
You wash all over me
Your lovely smile and pretty face
Are all that I can see
A myriad of moments
When I spend the time with you
They fill my heart with laughter
And love that is so true
I smell your perfume on me
I taste those lips divine
As if you were a vintage wine
So sweet and so sublime
I feel the softness of your skin
So silky to my touch
Such sensual attraction
I want you .. oh so much
Those elegant long legs
That walk with such a sway
I'll look at them and sigh
Every single day
The sweetness held between them
Thats warm invites me there
To heaven and beyond
The wonders that we share
And as you lay your head
Upon the pillow deep
I'll hold you and I'll cuddle you
Until you fall asleep

Phil Sanders


What wrenching pain I feel
Across the many miles
Awaiting your return
To see your radiant smiles
And feel your touch again
Caress your silken lips
To hold you close and warm
With such sweet tenderness
Instead the chill of distance
Keeps us both apart
As lonely in my bed
I feel it break my heart
My tears now fall like rain
And winter has appeared
The cold intemperate feel
Its ugly head has reared
I miss your radiant glow
And sunshine in your eyes
Return to me my love
And save my deep demise

Phil Sanders


Caressing your back like a sweet summer breeze
Brushing your lips like whispering trees
Holding your hand like a flower in spring
Feeling your heartbeat like the birds when they sing
Touching your face like a soft wave ashore
Kissing your skin like a wide ocean’s roar
Loving you gently like the bells when they ring
Holding you close like soft gossamer wings
Stroking your hair as the wind rushes by
Lying there with you under blue summer skies
Walking along with your hand held in mine
Just slowly together such heaven .. divine
Spending the night with you under the stars
Walking along sandy beaches afar
Loving you soft like a clear mountain spring
Still with you close like soft gossamer wings

Phil Sanders


The past can rear its head
And mischief can appear
So sometimes it is best
To let it disappear
Amidst the mists of time
Let if float on slowly by
Consign it now to history
And let it reach the sky
Avoid vexatious moments
That can tax and test the soul
Look forward to tomorrow
And let life again be whole

Phil Sanders


The gentle winds of morning
Blow the night of dark away
And then my cloak of love
Protects you through the day
I am with you in the morning
As your eyes perceive the dawn
I stroke your forehead softly
As you stifle that sweet yawn
I stand beside you smiling
As you wash the sleep away
And then I hold your hand
As you walk to start the day
My hand is resting gently
On your shoulder as you write
My eyes are watching over you
To see you beauty bright
And when your journey’s roam
I am right there by your side
Until you finally are at home
And through the door you glide
I welcome you with kisses
And a soft and gentle hug
Before we lay together
On that warm and lovely rug

Phil Sanders


I taste your salty tears
As they fall from off your cheeks
I hold you close to me
And it makes me feel so meek
The beauty in my arms
Such tenderness I hold
And all the love within me
You can now behold
For soulmates and sweet lovers
We will always be
To stand here in the moonlight
For all eternity

Phil Sanders


Sharing love is tenderness
As the hearts just open wide
Feeling such sweet softness
Standing side by side
Watching aspens sway
As winds around do blow
Holding hands in summer
As the sun now sets so low
Seeing all the creatures
Running round the world
Feeling light and giddy
Vortices that swirl
Loving thoughts are passing
Just between our eyes
Nothing is too much
Loving each surprise
Going off to sleep
Every night as one
Then to have the pleasure
To wake up with the sun

Phil Sanders


I look into your eyes and see
The depths of our sweet history
The moments when we fell in love
And rainbows showered us from above
The laughter falling from your lips
The tenderness of that first kiss
A subtle moment as we touched
The feelings that I love so much
The silkiness of your soft skin
The way you make me feel within
My heart just stops when you I see
I'll love you for eternity

Phil Sanders


Windows of opportunity push ajar
And my life is changed once more
I see all the mountains of needs close by
The rivers of desire at the door
The billowing clouds of the past start to part
And the sun of release is at hand
My heart wakes again to comfort and love
As before me I see that you stand
Let the orchestra play such a symphony
And the notes of your voice flow so sweet
To reach for your arms as the moment is here
When at last we finally meet
And the fire on our lips at that first tender kiss
That sends raging passion aflame
And I shout from the rooftops of joy and sweet love
As at I last I can call out your name

Phil Sanders


The dappled sky sets in my mind
A fusion of pure peace
And as the sun gets higher
I feel such great release
As nature fills my heart with joy
With light and life on fire
And all my senses reeling
With every sweet desire
A moment of significance
As gently in my heart
The deep and tender passion
At last begins to start
The face I see before me
Is the one I want to kiss
For all the years upon this earth
Such sweet and beauteous bliss
My feelings now are reeling
From the power exuding there
And now I know forever
We will always share

Phil Sanders


So rarely during all your life
You meet a certain friend
Who lights up all your candles
And sets a special trend
They know at once your thinking
And see the road you walk
And every conversation
Just leads to subtle talk
For they have sensed your psyche
They feel your beating heart
And always know your passions
Before you even start
An empathic soulful meeting
Two minds that think so near
For you have found your soulmate
To end the search of years

Phil Sanders


I play music for hours to you
My fingers flying across the keys
Playing melodies of love for you
My love pours out of these notes .....
like a mountain stream......
turning into a raging torrent of emotion
As it nears the sea.

My love is like the water washing over a stone ...
I want to wash over you...
I want my love to flood over you ...
making love all day long.

My fingers playing melodies on you ...
feeling your silkiness.

You are the symphony of life ...
playing in my heart ...
teaching me new melodies with every passing day.....
The deep, deep love I have for you ....
pounding like a drum inside my head.

The aching without you like a sad clarinet .....
playing moodily as the sea brushes the shore ....
in my lonely walk along the beach.

And then you're here ... and the strings ...
play with such sweetness and happiness in my heart ...
the melody of love ... so gentle and so warm ..

I want you always and forever ...
to play me and bring the magical music out of me...
that only you can do.

Without you ... my keys are silent ... gathering dust...
Come ....... make my music flow ...............

Phil Sanders


The sounds of the keyboard reach my ears
So many years since they last appeared
A new song playing soft and low
Such moments make emotions flow
The notes are drifting through my head
Replacing past ones there instead
A vision of such beauty there
My eyes can only stop and stare
My heart is now just beating fast
Another passion there at last
Awakening my hearts desires
Replenishing those old lost fires
A phoenix rising from the flames
A new delight now me it claims
A love so tender and so true
Removing all those feelings blue
Again I can just touch the sky
Soar away and fly so high
Oblivious to those old deep scars
And ready for the future stars
For life has now begun again
And memories just fade and wane

Phil Sanders


I let the night time stillness
Wrap around me like a shroud
The only sound I hear
Is my heart that beats so loud
My footsteps echo painfully
Between the darkened walls
The puddle’s long reflection
Makes me ten feet tall
The aching of my heart
As I walk those lonely streets
Nowhere to hide those feelings
The drum begins to beat
Monotonous cacophony
A never ending sound
No point in seeking sleep
The noise is all around
It rises in crescendo
My head is now on fire
Oh for peace and silence
All that I desire
I listen to the dawn
As it rises always free
And slowly brings a soothing
So deep inside of me

Phil Sanders


Loneliness is a ticking clock
Inside an empty room
That echoes round inside your head
And you feel just like a tomb
Its a cacophony of silence
As you stare across the street
And desperately want to hear
The sounds of passing feet
To watch and see the happiness
Of others passing by
Whilst you are sitting quietly
Watching clouds go by
You know the room so intimately
Everything in its place
At times you feel its choking you
And smothering your face
Deep down there .. inside of you
There's just an empty space ...
of broken dreams and memories ...
why can't they take place?
And so you drift off to your bed
To try and get some sleep
Days and nights can seem like years
Tomorrow ...... maybe peace.

Phil Sanders


Poetry unlocks my mind, it helps me see so clear,
It sharpens up my senses to see the things so dear,
Like children and their joyfulness, loving someone so,
Watching morning breaking, seeing rivers flow,
Feeling the wind rush through my hair, the rain upon my face,
The beauty that surrounds us, the gentleness and grace ...
that is always round us, very plain to see,
But so often we rush by, and miss its majesty.
The world today goes faster than it has ever done before,
But isn't it much better just to walk along the shore,
And hear the waves lap gently across the silvery sand,
And maybe take the time just to hold a loved one's hand,
Because the time will come, you know, that they'll no longer be,
And you will feel such sadness as they pass into eternity,
So slow your life occasionally ... see what's really there,
Take the time to love them ...... take the time to share.

Phil Sanders


Listen to the flecks of rain
That fall on dusty ground
Listen to the bird's sweet song
As earth's waking comes around
Listen to the baby's cry
As it enters in this world
Listen to the mother's tears
as they melt death's chilling swirls
Listen to the lover's call
At midnight in the rain
Listen to the shreaks of war
As they batter soft domains
Listen to your heartbeat
As it swells the mighty crowd
Listen ...... hear life's tapestry .....
good ... bad ...... indifferent ...... loud

Phil Sanders


Sunset is a time for reflection ... mellowthoughts
Working out the day …. and how its run its course
Letting all the worries of your life unfold
Speaking in your mind the stories yet untold
Watching the reflections of that ball of fire
As it sets so quickly … ready to retire
Just as in our lives we reach our own twilight
Thinking of the things we’ve done … were we wrong or right?
No recriminations … no retrospective yearning
Just a time to meditate … the last process of yearning
A time to understand … what we did and why
A time to pass to others … the lessons of our time

Phil Sanders


The grey steel monoliths that fell
September 11… now known so well
The screaming tearing blistered walls
That showed the hate before the fall
How could man be so insane?
And take those lives with such disdain
Betraying many … their beliefs
Denying life and causing grief
A sham to use this as excuse
As if it would make any use
Of people’s caring for their plight
With such horrendous murderous flight
A numbing damning sense of shame
That rises from the hideous flames
New York stood still in silent awe
At this act of senseless war
Thank God it has resilience still
To grow again and people fill
The void with love and care and peace
The world’s community at ease

Phil Sanders


PEACE ………………. be yours through all your life

BE …………………….. you always free from strife

WITH ………………. your gentle, tender ways

YOU …………………. will brighten darkened days

Phil Sanders


Water lapping round the hull
In the false and silent lull
Phoney, peaceful, graceful waves
Just before the dawning day
Flash of lightning across the sky
Deadly, crackling lullaby …
Of tracer ripping through the air
Fatal metal … without care
Tears away the flimsy peace
Everyone so ill at ease
Shattering sounds of earthly hate
All a tremble … What’s our fate?
Plunging through the waves of fear
Fleeting thoughts of those so dear
Feet on terra firma now
Will I once more hold the plough?
Or will I cease to be right here …….
On the sands …. With freedom near

Phil Sanders


The radiant incandescence
Of spring’s new birth and cheer
The warmth of bright new sunlight
As it starts to reappear
A bold reaffirmation
Of commitment in our Earth
A chance to feel again …
The wonder of our birth
As mist gives way to sunlight
As snow melts to new springs
The bird’s melodious laughter
Around our ears now sings
The feeling deep inside us
As we waken from the gloom
Despondency is lifted
It will be summer soon
And so … our spirits lifted
We approach the coming day
With a brighter … lighter vision
In each and every way

Phil Sanders


The edges of the cut are tattered and torn
As I sit by the side … in the breaking dawn
The weeds are upon it … its all overgrown
Where once were the barges … proud to be owned
An age gone by … when time was more slow
And people took time … their feelings to show
But maybe again … the cut it will gleam
As people remember … the proud age of steam

[The “cut” is a Brummie expression for the canal]


Watch the moonglow, see it shine
Walk the path alone in time
Feel the space amongst the trees
Touch the leaves, feel the breeze
Let your mind run free as air
Take the moment whilst its there
Make your strides along the path
Never fear the night time wrath
Live the peace that stills the night
Know that you could still take flight
To the place within your mind
Where only you know what you’ll find

Phil Sanders


The storm brews and the wind howls
Your face is battered by by the rain
But it frees you from the shackles of the world
Clearing a path in your mind to nirvana
You smile as you fight the raging storm
Your being exudes joy at the tearing rain
Your inner peace rejoices
At the freedom nature brings
The trickling brook with cold clear water
The freshness of the mountain air
Fling open your mind to contentment
And the peace within your life

Phil Sanders