My Poetry


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Listen to their laughter
Listen to them sing
Watch them on the roundabout
Watch them on the swings
See them playing football
See them beam and glow
Innocence of childhood
Why does it not show…
Us … as we get older
How sweet life could be
If … just now and then
We could look and see …
The child … still deep within us
Gentle simplicity
That years and years obliterate
As we become less free
So caught up in the world
It’s complications too…
Wouldn’t it be nicer
If our childhood lasted through….
All our life upon this earth
It’s gentle innocence
Making mankind kinder………
And maybe have more sense…..

Phil Sanders


The subtle shades of evening sky
Encouraging thoughts … by and by
Of calm and moments yet to be
And of the things we may well see….
As life unfolds it’s varied course
Opens … closes … many doors
Provides surprises … good and bad
Makes us think of things we’ve had
Treasured wishes … days to come
Before the whole of life is run
Mysterious moments … yet unknown
Places to see … time to roam
Vivacious uncertainty fills our life
Providing good … providing strife
But through this vast complexity
We must be sure to truly see ….
The moments of serenity …
That show us peace as it should be
Within the whirling, swirling sea …
That will become our destiny

Phil Sanders


He crawled for pencils, books and hope
So he might learn to grow and cope
In a land bombarded past by war
But now replenishing it’s store
Lush where once were bullet holes
Waste at last replaced by goals
The eyes of hope shine bright right now
When there despair was rife … no cows
But still they crop the fields in fear
Because death lies unearthed … so near
And families still search in vain
For children, mothers, aunts … ingrained
Within a memory in the past
When togetherness was meant to last
So why do we make mines that maim
After wars it seems insane
But still for hate … religion … land
We’ll fight again … get out of hand
Next time lets take a short respite
Before the armies clash and fight
And give ourselves the chance of peace
Before unleashing war’s great beast
For life can have such hope … elation
With regeneration of a nation
War and anarchy will not succeed
If people care …….. where people need

Phil Sanders

ULURU (Ayers Rock)

Uluru ..... the dreamtime
Past, present and future entwined
Shimmering in the midday sun
Reflecting and reflection
Shifting with the equinox
Unbending through the storms of life
The rock of all ages.....
Renaissance and revelation

Phil Sanders


Watch a child … see their face
Full of innocence and grace
So expressive … so engrossed
Playing games they love the most
Enquiring eyes … enquiring mind
Wanting to learn about all they find
Giving love to us so freely
Makes us know so very deeply …
Why we love them all our days
And their simple, lovely ways
Even when they have grown up
We can never ever stop …
Wanting to protect and shield …
…them from the bad things in the world
Even though it makes us yearn
We always know that they must learn
On their own … making life
In their own image … love or strife

Phil Sanders


I play music for hours to you
My fingers flying across the keys
Playing melodies of love for you
My love pours out of these notes .....
like a mountain stream......
turning into a raging torrent of emotion
As it nears the sea.

My love is like the water washing over a stone ...
I want to wash over you...
I want my love to flood over you ...
making love all day long.

My fingers playing melodies on you ...
feeling your silkiness.

You are the symphony of life ...
playing in my heart ...
teaching me new melodies with every passing day.....
The deep, deep love I have for you ....
pounding like a drum inside my head.

The aching without you like a sad clarinet .....
playing moodily as the sea brushes the shore ....
in my lonely walk along the beach.

And then you're here ... and the strings ...
play with such sweetness and happiness in my heart ...
the melody of love ... so gentle and so warm ..

I want you always and forever ...
to play me and bring the magical music out of me...
that only you can do.

Without you ... my keys are silent ... gathering dust...
Come ....... make my music flow ...............

Phil Sanders


You are my diary
My life is written on your pages
In words of love
From the moment we kissed
I knew that I had found my destiny
..... to love you
And ..... as the pages unfold
We will be one together ....
Each line a testament to our love

Phil Sanders


A tiny speck in the tapestry oflife
A moment in the millennium
But still important …. everyone
Each a part to play
Each a weave in the pattern
Without which it is not complete
Never underestimate your importance
Because you are a part of life

Phil Sanders


The light of knowledge sharpens the mind
Allowing us … at times … to find
The road … the path to clearer thought
When sometimes … it seems we’ve sought …
The turbulence within ourselves
Instead of peaceful times … withheld

Phil Sanders