My Poetry


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Santa had a snowman
Sidney was his name
And for eleven months
He let him play with games

But when December came around
He had to help the Elves
And fill the sacks with presents
From Santa’s groaning shelves

But Sidney was a naughty boy
He got up through the night
And hid his favourite games
Before the dawn’s bright light

So came the dawn of Christmas Eve
The time to put away
The bulging sacks of presents
Onto Santa’s sleigh

When all at once a might ROAR
Echoed around the cave
And all the Elves came running
To see why such noise was made

“I,m fifteen presents short”
Santa groaned and sighed
“Unless we find them quickly
I cannot make my ride!!”

The Elves set out at once
And scoured the hills and dales
To find these fifteen presents
Before night drew its veil

“Oh what a disappointment”
Santa wearily exclaimed
“For those fifteen children
If they don’t get their games”

Sidney … who’d been very quiet
Crept into the room
And put the fifteen parcels
Down in the deepening gloom

“I’m very sorry Santa …
I forgot the girls and boys
Who wait all year for Christmas
To receive their lovely toys”

“I,ve learnt not to be selfish”
Said Sidney … quite contrite
And Santa beamed … forgave him
Because he’d learnt what’s right!

Phil Sanders


The lads went out for football
On a sunny Summer’s day
Iain and Fred, Bill and Dick
The greatest game to play

They tossed their jumpers on the ground
The goalposts for to make
And Billy’s Mom had packed for them
A big fat Angel Cake

They ran around for half an hour
The ball flew here and there
Enjoying every shot and save
They didn’t have a care

But then, alas, a shot from Fred
Flew past the woolly post
And hit the fence and shot across …
To the house of Mr.Most!!

It landed in his garden there
Amongst his prize new flowers
The last time that it landed there …
He kept the ball for hours!!

They lined up by the wall outside
To see who’d ring the bell
And speak to angry Mr.Most
Of the sorry tale to tell

Well, Billy it was who said he’d go
Because he knew the thing to take
He swapped the ball with Mr.Most
For his Mom’s great Angel Cake!!!

Phil Sanders


Carol the Cat had a soft woollen ball
Which she played with whilst lying on her back in the hall
She tugged and she tossed it, up high in the air
Until it got stuck at the top of the stairs

So slowly she crept up the stairs one by one
Fear disappearing … she thought it quite fun
Until near the top … she slipped and she fell
From the top to the bottom .. now she doesn’t feel well!

Phil Sanders


Beatrice the butterfly puffs and blows
For it is hot, and she sits there and glows
When along comes a raindrop, drops onto her nose
So now she is soggy, to the tips of her toes

Phil Sanders


Bertie the Budgie, balanced his ball
On the end of his perch, and it didn’t fall
He pecked it and pushed it, until it fell off
With nothing to play with, he sat there and coughed

Phil Sanders


Carol was a sad kangaroo
Who wanted to go home from the zoo
She put her lunch into her pouch
And dodged the keepers with a crouch
She caught a bus to Camden Town
Despite the conductor’s heavy frown
And got her neck stuck in the Tube
Whilst reading the advert “Go suck a Zube”
She stowed away aboard a plane
So that she’d get home again
And now she bounces wild and free
With friends in the Northern Territory

Phil Sanders


Herbert the Hedgehog was sitting one day
Waiting for friends to come out and play
When they arrived, football was the game
Herbert was happy, Giggs was his second name

They kicked off at three, with six on each side
Bert wouldn’t play, so he went off to hide
They played for ten minutes … the score was three-all
When the game had to finish ……Herbert’s spikes burst the ball!

Phil Sanders