My Poetry


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Relax awhile ………
Let my mind rest from the words
They flow like a waterfall
Tumbling ever faster …
On the pen of inspiration
Where from? … Where to? … Why?
I do not know ……
Yet … I must let them unfold
To … maybe teach
Hopefully to be enjoyed
For now … and for the future
For all to see

Phil Sanders


Words are very magical
They signify so much
Can fire imagination
So much that you can touch …
The pictures that they paint …
Deep within your mind
They carry you across great seas
And help you to unwind
A clever wordsmith can describe
A situation so …..
That you are living in it ….
Totally enclosed
And in your mind … you live a life
You’ve always wanted to …..
No matter what is real …
No matter what is true
So hang on to those dreams ….
And the words that flow ….
Up from the paper to your mind …….
One day … it may be so ……..

Phil Sanders


The pen is the extension of my mind
Allowing me to write … and find
The feelings deep inside my soul
The reasons why .. as me .. I’m whole
To point the way to life ahead
To understand the fears and dread
To heighten any joy I feel
And why at times my head does reel…..
When coping with life’s stress and toil
And when the plans you make are foiled
Expressions of my inner self
The search for reasons and the stealth…
With which my mind plays games with me
Trying to find affinity
Within my being as life goes…
Along the paths that ebb and flow…….

Phil Sanders


My life is full of words
To relish and to feel
My head is so emotional
That senses swim and reel

I light life’s candle hopefully
Amidst the heaving world
I watch and wait expectantly
As time torments and swirls

Inside the whirling torrents
Of heart and thought and deed
A moment’s pure simplicity
Is planted as a seed

This moment could become the norm
If I just still my pen
And let such peace and gentleness
Inside my head again

I see lost loves and chances
Like a vortex spinning round
I cry out loud to heed them
But I utter not a sound

For time is master of us all
It takes away the past
And leaves us with the future
A chance again at last?

The pictures of our history
Are blended deep inside
We’re better if we face them
No point to weave and hide

So learn from moments lost before
Enrich your future life
Engage the gear of possible
And drive away from strife

Phil Sanders


Taking a journey through the portals of your mind
Is such a deep experience … during which you find …
Exhilarating moments … discoveries anew
Wondrous revelations …. feelings fresh and true
Frightening expectations … treasures so divine
Making you assess … the way you spend your time
Doors to your emotions … opening away
So that you review yourself … each and every day
Honesty’s the key …. to realisation bold
Comes a little easier … the more that you grow old

Phil Sanders


Looking into the vast plains that are the future
I wonder …….. what will be?
Crossroads that have been reached … decisions to be made
Which road should I take …. Which highway to follow?
The day is peaceful and my life drifts by in thoughts
Clouds of memories ………. Good and bad
The way ahead uncertain… as it will always be
Desires and needs floating in an ocean of unreality
Turbulent now …. awaiting the calm ahead
…. will calm come?……….
Or …. Will the spattering raindrops always turn to storm?
The winds of change will blow ……
Creating emotions of gentleness like a summer breeze
Or ….. tempestuous like a raging whirlwind
But today … let the peace and stillness of the summer
Catch a breath and hold my life in limbo ….
Until the carousel ride begins again………

Phil Sanders


A memory is a moment of pure magic
Heart rending in its intensity
Beautiful in its clear simplicity
Burnt into your soul for eternity
No one else can touch it
No one else can tarnish or change it
Taken to the grave .....
with a warmth and tenderness divine
Guarded like a precious secret
....... cared for as a lifelong friend

Phil Sanders


A tear is a droplet of emotion
Encapsulating your hopes and fears
A moment .... of remembrance
Or ... of everlasting happiness
The path it traces ... across your cheek
Writing a moment of history within your soul ...
Raindrops of release
Flowing freely from your heart .....
Soaking your mind.....
Never be afraid.....
These are the truest signs of feeling
The feelings that must be lived ....
The feelings for all time.....

Phil Sanders


I wish you happiness
I wish you peace
I wish you gentleness
I wish you ease
I wish you hopes fulfilled
I wish you joy in life
I wish you company
I wish you free from strife
I wish you bright sunshine
I wish you summer breeze
I wish you freedom
I wish you autumn leaves
I wish you health
I wish you stars above
I wish you your desires
I wish you ……. Love

Phil Sanders


You stand on the threshold of your future
Tentatively taking the first step into the pool of manhood
Desires and needs awakening deep within you
To yet produce the experiences of the future
Stand … and wait awhile
Let the sensations wash over you
Before you plunge headlong ….
Into the life to come
The happiness … the heartache
The love … the despair
The hope … the longing
The experience … that life will always be

Phil Sanders


Eighty … an age for reflection
A day for letting the past wash over you
Memories … so many … good and bad
But all together … an experience of life
A day for celebration … and rejoicing too
To enjoy the achievements in your life
To bask briefly in your successes
For they are important …
As they helped shape the future
For without them … things would not have been
And many things will not be … in the years to come
So lift a glass and drink to your very being
A celebration of man’s wisdom and peace … within himself

Phil Sanders


The innocence of youth
Gilded by emergent beauty
The mother … basking in the reflected glow …
Of what has been and what will be
Each a lifetime in themselves
Each a beauty in time
Experience and naivety
Blended in a moment in time
For all to see

Phil Sanders


Samba rhythm … dancing slow
Feel the beat … feel the flow
Tropical … the stormy weather
Catches moods and love forever
Watch the swaying of the dance
Feel the wildness in romance
‘Neath the palm trees gently swaying
No sense in any more delaying
Live the life and love the lady
For tomorrow … may not … maybe

Phil Sanders


Am I just a poet?
Am I just a man?
Or am I just a speck ….
Within life’s tangled plan?

Do my deeds spread desire?
Or kindle great fire?
Or … like Autumn leaves ..
Am I blown through the trees?

Am I loved or despised?
Tell truth or tell lies?
Do my words strike a chord …
Or is everyone bored?

Whatever I am ………
I’ll give all that I can
To people and friends ..
Until my life ends….

Phil Sanders


Darkened forest … leafy glades
The sun … splintering through the shade
Casting little beams of light
What a gentle, lovely sight
Hearing twigs crack underfoot
Echoing round the silent wood
No one there to mystify
No one there to make you cry
Just you and nature all alone
Picking up the odd pine cone
Giving time to rest your mind
From the toils that always find …
… their way into your inner self
Making you just cry for help
Silence can be so serene
Silence can be shattering
Sometimes we need peace and quiet
In the middle of the night
But then again … such solitude
Can produce a deep, dark mood
And we need the noise and rain
People all around again
Company … and love and touch
Someone there who cares so much

Phil Sanders