My Poetry


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The radiant sun adorns the rose
To kiss its petals soft
Caressing all its vibrancy
As life it holds aloft
A vision of pure beauty
Rejoicing in the glow
Of sunlight’s rays so bright
Allowing it to show …
The gentleness of nature
Its purity of form
Reminding us to revel
In every glorious dawn

Phil Sanders

DECEMBER 26th …..

The day after Christmas
The presents are worn
The paper is strewn
All tattered and torn
The dawn breaks quite quickly
Across the blue sky
A morning for walking
Across hills so high
To breathe in the air
And fill up your lungs
As over the mountains
The birds now have sung
To welcome the world
To a glorious day
Reminding us all
Of nature’s sweet ways
To stride across fields
Still crunching with frost
And walk many miles
But never get lost
To feel all your sinews
Now stretching and warm
As each step brings nearer
The beauty of dawn
And as the bright red orb
Rises slowly ahead
Just beckoning you further
To where you are led
A magnificent moment
As the day now unfolds
Your breath can be seen
But you are not cold
To marvel at beauty
So fabulous there
As you and the silence
Together can share

Phil Sanders


The evening fog drifts silently
Enveloping the night
An eerie cold miasma
Pervades what is in sight
The boats appear by magic
As they cut through like a ghost
The silence now is deafening
What do I fear the most?
Unknown apparitions?
Or thoughts from deep inside
I shiver with the atmosphere
And wait the evening’s tide
The footsteps echo distantly
As from my side they go
I feel alone and helpless
Just as the waters flow
I crave the warmth of fireside
My love beside me there
As night is banished swiftly
When togetherness we share

Phil Sanders


The silence like a frozen waste
Across the river sits
The only sounds that stirs…. the cries
Of gulls and rare godwits
They search the river’s shores
And feed before the storm
For they have many miles to fly
To where the sun is warm
A tug is chuffing quietly
About its business slow
Inherent power is throbbing
As round the bend it goes
Man is still quite sleepy
Whilst nature paints a scene
Of virgin white indifference
Such visions so serene
And slowly now the morning
Begins to wake and yawn
As soft and gentle pinks
Begin the break of dawn

Phil Sanders


Crafting words within my mind
I see visions …. many things
A bird in flight, the dragon’ fire
It helps me to take wing
I fly so high above the clouds
The sights within my soul
As rivers run with waters green
And broken hearts are whole
The melting snow is freezing hard
The sun is cold with fire
I know the emptiness inside
Yet filled with much desire
The melting clock of Dali
Is etched within my brain
I see through darkness clearly
My sanity’s insane
A dream of stillness in the wind
As rain is falling hard
Yet I am dry within the storm
The tempest now retards
A sharpness of the thinking
As fog inside surrounds
Such moments have such clarity
As silence makes the sounds

Phil Sanders


The history seeps through walls
As down the street I walk
The stonework sends its messages
I listen as it talks
I hear the cries of long ago
When life was simpler then
And people walked more slowly
I wonder how and when
The ancient rooms are singing
With the sound of children’s joy
The laughter resonates around
From every girl and boy
So will the generations
That follow us as well
Still listen for that history
And all the tales it tells

Phil Sanders


Her thoughts drift with the clouds
Such beauty sitting there
The mind is running free
As in the distance stares
A moment to reflect
The night about to fall
Emotions running high
A silly Summer squall
And when the morning comes
Refreshed from nature’s sleep
A smile will spread so wide
No more the need to weep

Phil Sanders


The stretch that starts the day again
And blue is in the sky
What wonders now await me
Outside as I walk by
I'll smell the freshness of the grass
And feel the warm sun's rays
Then frolic in the meadow
On this sweet Summer day

Phil Sanders


The softness of the Turner sky
Unfolds before my eyes
A subtle blend of colours
That fills me with surprise
A sweep across the sky
God’s palette now is born
To slowly set before me
And then awaits the dawn
Such beauty there before me
As the paint just fills the sky
I feel the world so closely
As the clouds are drifting by
A blaze of pink is forming
Whilst the scene just fills my mind
I know that once more I will know
Such pleasure there to find
And as the final embers
Disappear away from view
I feel the glow inside me
At the colours final hues

Phil Sanders


Erupting from the earth’s hot core
With violence uncontained
They shed their molten chaos
Across the worlds dry plains
As a phoenix from the ashes
They roar and spit their flames
And then the burning river
Pours onwards... none contains
Yet even this destruction
Has beauty there inside
As rivulets of melting rock
Form a bright and sparkling tide
It helps the eco systems
Of the world and all its needs
From plankton in the ocean
It returns to nourish trees
And when the mighty thunder
Of volcanoes split the sky
You realise that nature
Will never just stand by

Phil Sanders


The light shimmers there on the water
Reflecting the start of the day
Its gentle soft touch like a kiss
As it points the direction today
It gently caresses the river
And shines on the now empty trees
Whilst the birds fly so silently round it
And the wind is a satiny breeze
A moment to reflect on oneself
To seek what is so deep inside
Enjoying the beauty released
No need for it ever to hide
Rejoice in your inner beliefs
Smile at the thoughts in your head
And be glad that you rose quite so early
Away from the warmth of your bed

Phil Sanders


As we go through each day, we sometimes complain
And think that the world doesn’t care
And then comes a story of illness or pain
Which puts all in perspective right there
Its natural for us to think of ourselves
But occasionally something will turn
And make us just stop and give someone time
Because what they know makes them yearn
So try in your day to give some nice words
To friends and to colleagues so near
So when that day comes you need them for you
They’ll be there for you without fear

Phil Sanders


Just basking in the moment
When autumn takes the stage
An all surrounding picture
As each tree turns its page
The tones and shades so vivid
As leaves begin to stall
And everyone is open mouthed
At the beauty that is Fall
The children running through the leaves
And frost upon the ground
But when the morning breaks
You cannot hear a sound
As light so gently filters
Through the canopy so bare
And falls upon the new made bed
Thats now been laid right there
And so the trees will sleep
Awaiting Spring's rebirth
And all the little creatures
Will shelter in the earth

Phil Sanders


The morning bursts forth
With a blackbird’s sweet song
I must go outside
To where I belong
Under the sky
And feeling the breeze
As it whistles and sings
Through all of the trees
To hear the sweet water
In the babbling brook
To run up the hill
And take that first look
As below me I see
All the valleys and streams
Whenever I view it
How fresh it does seem
The warmth from the sun
Is reaching my bones
The colours are fresh
And such beautiful tones
A joy to be there
With nature as one
And basking in beauty
Right there in the sun

Phil Sanders


They lose the wide eyed innocence
As sharp the cannon’s roar
And bloody conflagration
Is placed at nature’s door
The lofty flags of battle
Are ripped to shreds and torn
As youth and all its hopes
Are buried there stillborn
The “glory” that is war
Is shown a fallacy
Whilst men and weapons shriek
As lives no longer be
And when the battle’s over
And the smoke pervades the air
The bodies piled up needlessly
Should make us more aware

Phil Sanders


The morning hues are shimmering
As the sails reach out to fly
An orange conflagration
Is flowing o'er the sky
The gentle swishing water
As the bow cuts through the swell
A moment's peaceful pleasure
As the day begins so well
The open sea is beckoning
The tide is running fast
Away to distant shores
And freedom there at last
To sail the seven seas
And hear the ocean's roar
Such magical sweet moments
Are knocking at your door

Phil Sanders


The searing wind cuts through the sails
The waves are crashing round
The tiller spins so quickly
And its a wall of sound
The ship fights back so bravely
As storm clouds fill the sky
A black and evil moment
As birds escape on high
The pounding of the water
As green and sharperned shards
Just cut your face to ribbons
As the rain is tumbling hard
And through it all the stricken ship
Just pushes further east
Until at last at daybreak
The storm abates .. and .... peace ...

Phil Sanders


Be like the eagle on the wing
And let your mind aspire
To all the things within you
That you seek and so desire
Allow the thoughts to pour like rain
Across your windswept mind
And as the droplets form
A picture will unwind
So let the future flow
As o’er the sea you soar
And then peace and tranquillity
Will sit with you once more
A time of heavenly pleasure
Such moments so divine
Will sweep across the plains
Until the end of time

Phil Sanders


The shimmering light reflects across the water
As daylight recedes and disappears
The swan swims majestically through the waves
As the final realms of day are slowly cleared
A hush falls across the sparkling liquid
Whilst darkness begins to cloak the world
And breaths are held for that brief moment
As through the nightly portals they are hurled
All men are then just bathed in moonlight
Their souls laid bare to nightly quests
Until they all reach home and comfort
And finally lay done to sleep and rest

Phil Sanders


Walk with me so softly
Through the gentle forest glade
Watching dappled images
As the sun breaks through the shade
Marvel at the freshness
Of the pine trees sweet perfume
See the little creatures
As they peer out from the gloom
Hear the cracking twigs
Like gunshots in the peace
Let your mind relax
And feel so much at ease
Take my hand in yours
And vanish into time
Enjoying that sweet moment
So soft and so sublime

Phil Sanders


The raging fire sets on the hill
Its beauty burning bright
So vivid as the earth at last
Just swallows it from sight
But then the gentle pinks and reds
Are splashed across the sky
As all the world is darkened
And night falls from on high
Replacing all that splendour
With tiny twinkling stars
That sparkle in the moonlight
From space out there afar

Phil Sanders


Drift gently away on your ship of dreams
Leave your day in its wake
Enjoy the journey so deep in your mind
Wherever you it make take
Across the portals of innocence
High in the sky of desire
The horizon is limitless nightly
And sunset is full of your fire
Transported to beaches of silvery sand
The moon rising high in the sky
A limitless flight of abundance
Soaring and stretching so high
For only the mind can give peace
And tranquility gentle and kind
So search all the depths of your being
And see what delights you can find
Arise like the phoenix from ashes
To new deeds which now are in reach
Your power to be what you need
Is there as you walk on the beach
In your minds eye you see all the mountains
And the glaciers crystal and clear
You stride across wide raging rivers
With never the hint of a fear
So enjoy all your nightly adventures
The passion, the strength and the flow
For tomorrow will soon be in sight
As the dawn casts its bright morning glow

Phil Sanders


The world spins so quickly
From when they are born
You want them to grow
But still feel so torn
Remembering days
Not long ago
When the child was so small
Like a stream yet to flow
But now she is tall
Like a tree reaching high
And all you can do
Is utter a sigh

Phil Sanders


The flickering candle blows in the breeze
It illuminates moments so deep
As there in my soul I search for the words
To release all desires within reach
I hold it so softly, a new born delight
Important to light up my way
It banishes all of the darkness of night
And leads to the start of the day
For there I will find the answer I seek
As the dawning begins it sweet glow
Whence I will become more whole than before
As the candle has helped me to show

Phil Sanders


The vivid shades of autumn
Are subtle in the hills
As Scotland’s scenic beauty
My mind it stuns and thrills
The gentle tones of purple
Mixed in with autumn’s flair
Make me wish so deeply
That I was now right there
To smell the autumn scent
To relish all the sights
So glorious in its majesty
Before the leaves take flight

Phil Sanders


She reaches for the stars
With every sinew strained
A glorious performance
Applause upon her rains
The sweat upon her brow
A testament to work
No moment is part done
She never ever shirks
A beauty in her movement
Such grace as now she flows
Across the stage so light
Performing with a glow
The audience is hushed
A pin would sound like storms
Her sweet and graceful elegance
A genius reborn

Phil Sanders


And as each day begins
With sunshine or with rain
Our differing needs arise
And never are the same
Despairing clouds assemble
And hide the sun away
But always do remember
There is another day
A day when birds will sing
And blue paints o’er the sky
The crystal clear sweet spring
Will flow and gurgle by
Your heart will open wide
And love will come once more
So try to see the light
And never close its door

Phil Sanders


Her sadness permeates her being
The words flowing like tears from her soul
Without her beloved companion
Her world is shattered .. not whole
A shroud of despair hangs like night
As her silence screams loudly to all
Her love has been crushed from her heart
And the pain hangs around like a pall
But slowly the dawning of reason
As time casts it spell of slow healing
And gradually coursing within her
The softness of painless sweet feeling
For the world has now started turning
And the vibrancy comes to her smile
As with pain and courage and strength
She is walking that long lonely mile

Phil Sanders


A sad sweet look upon his face
Captured there in time and space
Enigma there with fun and tears
Held so simply through the years
Children smile and see the fun
Always shining like the sun
But pathos shows within the eyes
Adults feel the heartfelt sighs
So look more deeply then you’ll see
The torment that is meant to be
Within the painted broken smile
As he treads each lonely mile

Phil Sanders


The sun falls on the statue
Bringing life and time
Wind chimes singing gaily
The garden feels in rhyme

Wind rustling at the leaves
Peace and joy abound
England’s beauteous nature
Around in sight and sound

Afternoon in harmony
All the world is one
Slowly light is fading
At the setting of the sun

Shadows fall like raindrops
Gently closing down
I watch the darkness lengthen
My heart does gently pound

The flowers close their eyes
And slowly go to sleep
Their magic waiting quietly
For tomorrow’s wakening heat

Phil Sanders


What loveliness inside?
And thoughts so deep within
What soft and gentle feelings?
As now the day begins
What hopes and fears surround you?
Emotions running high
What deep and lovely passages?
Within your heart do sigh
What glory in the morning?
And joy across your face
What passion now is waiting?
For just the time and space
What needs, desires are stirring?
As slowly now you rise
What sweet and sensual thoughts
Inside you now advise
So feel the morning’s beauty
Address the silky clouds
And banish now forever
The night’s drab ghostly shrouds

Phil Sanders


The pre-dawn casts a wash of pink across the sky
Illuminating lives and hearts and minds
Kaleidoscopic images form softly on the ground
To see just as the yawning day unwinds
A softness shows beneath the scudding clouds
Pink aura lighting gently from below
What mischief will the forming day provide
As seeds of moments it begins to sow
Just watch as now the dawning of the day
Will revel in the beauty formed so bright
As slowly and inexorably it comes
The passing to the day from darkest night

Phil Sanders


At last the light of morning filters through
The fog so dense and dank is banished far away
I feel the breath of life call from the sky
As silently begins the dawning of the day
Refreshed I breathe the cold and crystal air
My body shudders with the frozen touch
My mind sees images so clear and bright
With clarity and morning light I love so much
The cormorant is diving for some food
The ripples spreading swiftly round and round
A moment of such peace and gentle calm
As life’s sweet essence finally surrounds

Phil Sanders

[Someone on one of the sites I use has just called my photographs "Frozen Poetry" which I thought was a beautiful comment so ...]


The mind sees a picture
An image so free
It reflects in the eyes
As clear as can be
Creating a memory
Forever to hold
It still will be found
When it is less bold
For the mind is so complex
It spins and it wheels
Recapturing feelings
From intimate reels
Amazing in content
Astoundingly bright
The glory of time
Is captured in light
Feelings are added
And anger and ire
Can also be felt
As well as desire
And as we grow older
The pictures grow dim
But the feelings remain
To help fill them in

Phil Sanders


The line leads out forever
My steps are weary .. slow
I wonder what life holds for me
As further do I go
Will daybreak bring solutions
Or other questions too
Will I become contented
Or maybe still be blue

Phil Sanders


The nights are drawing in
The sun’s reluctant stare
Is now a faded memory
No more its pleasant glare
I watch the swans now huddled
Against the wind and rain
The spring seems very far away
As comes winter’s domain
The cold and bleak stark winds
Now howl across the bay
Reminding all that summer
Is many months away
But then the sun relents
And shines so bright once more
And with the autumn colours
It opens nature’s door
And everyone can see
The golds and reds and browns
That banish all the misery
And smiles replace the frowns
So even as the winter
Stands poised to crash and scream
The beauty of the autumn
Makes all the eyes now gleam
A radiant splash of colour
To help us through those miles
And make sure for a part of it
We’ll all be wreathed in smiles

Phil Sanders


Softly as she sleeps
The light upon her falls
Her peaceful gentle thoughts
Are kept within these walls
Creating subtle moments
Within her mind tonight
Until the morning breaks
And once more she has sight

Phil Sanders


And Adam took the apple
From Eve’s so luscious lips
And from that moment on
They found the tender kiss
And now for all life’s moments
Both man and woman see
The beauty that is life
The thoughts that it set free

Phil Sanders


The vibrance of the day
Gives way to night’s dark thoughts
As quickly now the moon
Across the sky does course
Kaleidoscopes of colour
Now fill the mind’s desires
And inside those four walls
Creates so many fires

Phil Sanders


We come in all shapes and sizes
All different colours and creeds
Just noting down our emotions
Which are cast to four winds just like seeds
Some rhyme and some are quite different
But everyone still feels the need
To publish their thoughts to the world
So others may possibly read
Descriptions of glorious sunsets
And tales of passions now dimmed
Some detail those gentle sweet moments
Others describe those who have sinned
But all of us follow one standard
That is borne so high in the sky
We wish to share those emotions
To record all that now has gone by

Phil Sanders


The night sits softly on my shoulders
A cloak of sweet and gentle peace
The moon is peeking through the clouds
And now the strains of day release
A moment to reflect and maybe wonder
How life will be again at dawn
As slowly all the day expires
My brain and head both want to yawn
So come you gentle knight of sleep
And take my dreams so far across the stars
Relaxing thoughts so deep within my mind
Protecting me from tenseness near or far
Transport to those ever pleasant lands
Appearing as I close my eyes
As now my head into the pillow
Slips softly down and fills it with my sighs

Phil Sanders


Concern now grows across the world
As fossil fuels like oil
Are burnt, consumed and eaten up
As man continues toil
But surely now the time has come
To look at what we’ve done
And start to utilise the power
Of wind and sea and sun
To use the strength in rivers
And make the waters flow
Provide the power for light
A cheaper cleaner glow
And think of all the waste
Than can now be reborn
Instead of always casting out
The things just partly worn
And then the sun will shine again
With less of cancer’s fears
And future generations
Will live for many years

Phil Sanders


The world is getting warmer
Emissions causing strife
We all must look more carefully
About our way of life
Less time within our cars
And use the trains much more
Or all at once the holocaust
Will knock at all our doors
So think before you waste it
Eat fresh organic fruit
And stop and think each day
About our basic roots

Phil Sanders


The windows rattling in the wind
The rain is driving down
As autumn now surrounds us
And dark is all around
The little boats are rocking
Beneath the might storm
And each of us now wish
For summer’s pretty dawns
As howling sleet is battering
The people walking by
They hunch up in their coats
And shrink to keep them dry
A roaring fire does beckon
As they quickly race for home
Amongst the raging torrents
They always feel alone

Phil Sanders


A funeral on an autumn day
Casts shadows on us all
As through the driving rain
The coffin looks so small
A life that’s now extinguished
Just memories are left
And all the dripping mourners
Are feeling so bereft
But as the sun appears
And forces through the gloom
Remember all the good times
Not harbingers of doom
See the person’s smile
Remember how they laughed
And celebrate their life
Enjoying all their past

Phil Sanders


The howling winds do blow
And from them seeds do sow
As in our minds the dreams
Grow slowly now it seems
For as the autumn climbs
Our senses do decline
Awaiting winter’s chills
Away from summer’s thrills
A torpor now does set
As shorter days regret..
The passing of the sun
With winter’s cold begun
So feed the roaring flames
As evening’s fires remain
The silence in the room
Pervades the nightly gloom
Remember as you lay
That spring will have its way
Then warmth and summer cheer
Will return again next year

Phil Sanders


Let your mind run softly
Through the rigours of the day
Try and smile and grin
As its passes by your way
See the lovely moments
And quickly miss the bad
Try and be contented
More often than you’re sad
Awake to morning’s promises
And set out all the deeds
That require completing
As time sows faster seeds
Never put things off
They’ll haunt you once again
Finish niggling jobs
And save yourself the pain
See the bigger picture
Release minutiae’s chains
Enjoy life as it is
And never be restrained

Phil Sanders


Diversity for all to see
As sunrise glistens playfully
The rays are dancing on the waves
And sparkling in so many ways
The clouds pass by still sleepy eyed
Whilst man does slowly now arise
A new dawn starts another day
What wondrous things will come your way
What glories will the present bring
Or memories from distant wings
Each mind will see a different sight
And everyone can all take flight
And soar across the mind’s own eye
Where all will see a different sky
Diversity keeps interest keen
As each of us creates the scene

Phil Sanders


The pounding of the rain
Is drumming in my ears
The autumn now upon us
Approaching end of year
The fog across the river
The sharpness of the morn
Not long until the winter
Is once again reborn
Time to stash the canopies
And batten down the chairs
For Jack Frost will be dancing
With ice upon the stairs
The wind will howl and rage
And stir up all the leaves
As autumn’s lovely colours
Reign down from all the trees
The nights are drawing in
The darkness to behold
And all the eerie stories
Once more will be retold
The lamps will light the windows
And all will wrap up warm
Waiting for the winter
And spring’s belated dawn

Phil Sanders


The morning rays were rising
And opening up the day
When as swiftly as they came
They suddenly lost their way
A creeping white miasma
Enveloped all their power
As all across the river
The morning now turned sour
The eerie silence cloaked
The morning’s lovely mask
And made the sun’s bright start
An even harder task
This cold and chilling scene
Was wondrous to behold
As morning turned to mist
And warmth became so cold

Phil Sanders


And softly now the noon approaches slow
Whilst all around the waters shift and flow
The gulls are circling waiting to be fed
At last the man with rucksacks brings the bread
The swans like mighty warriors glide
Until they reach the pier’s great metalled sides
And all at once a melee now begins
The man surrounded by them for his sins
And now as if a multicoloured cloud
The birds all swoop whilst shrieking out so loud
Each piece a battleground to take
As each desirous for their personal stake
A microcosm showing nature’s world
As still they glide and twist and scream and swirl

Phil Sanders


The lightness of the pencil
As it flows across the page
The face is taking shape
It shows the subject’s age
A breathless moment later
And the eyes have now been drawn
A moment for the artist
To stifle that small yawn
For such a concentration
Whilst helping to create
Will start to weigh so heavily
As time now turns to late
But as the evening shadows
Caste a spell that is their own
The weary satisfaction
Can walk its way back home

Phil Sanders


The sunrise beckons ….to the strains of “Cavatina”
As its rays …. light the tunnel of hope
A radiance glows…deep in my mind
As I stop …and see the light play on the rope
Glory be to the Father… as dawn ignites my desire
Such brilliant colours… painting the sky
With only the seagulls …crying so mournfully
Sailing on thermals … drifting on by

Phil Sanders


The whitecaps froth and quiver
The wind is howling round
The gulls are hung in motion
And making such a sound
The halyards all are clanging
As the wind just whistles past
All manner of white clouds
And rocking rolling masts
The power as it hurtles
Across the open space
A roaring billowing fiend
With no finesse or grace
A piece of metal creaking
Some paper hurled away
On this dark dreary morning
As the wind alone holds sway

Phil Sanders


And so this sad wet Summer
Continues with the rain
A dismal dark remembrance
That drives us all insane
The clouds are so foreboding
The wind has Autumn’s sound
And all the pretty flowers
Are drooping now and drowned
So think of brilliant sunshine
Feel the rays so warm
Imagine sandy beaches
And days with wondrous dawns
Allow your mind to wander
Over distant seas and shores
And maybe then the brightness
Will return to us once more

Phil Sanders


Angelic faces all
The heavenly voices sing
Reverberating round
Like notes upon the wing
It fills the mind with sound
Symphonic wall so sweet
Our breasts are swelled with pride
At such a wondrous treat

Phil Sanders


What price the freedom we desire
How should we seek that way?
As life reverberates around
And forces us to sway
The peace that nature offers us
The love from deep within
Our mind must learn repose
And not the maelstrom’s whim
Such moments must be followed
And taken deep inside
As every day we cross
Life’s torrents long and wide
So let the stillness beckon
And reach and touch its way
For then our lives will show us
A better time each day

Phil Sanders


The facets of the morning
As the sun begins to rise
A kaleidoscope of fantasy
Before your very eyes
The shifting cloudy patterns
The warmth and rosy glow
As rapidly the morning
Before your eyes does grow
The shrieking of the seagulls
The oystercatcher’s cry
The beauty that unfolds
As the wind drifts softly by
The gently lapping waves
As they kiss the golden shore
Each moment to be treasured
And leaves you wanting more
To breathe the freshness deeply
To cry inside with glee
The golden vibrant sky
The blue and azure sea

Phil Sanders


The wind whips up the waves
I hear the ocean’s roar
The albatross is flying
Above the clouds to soar
The spray is now upon me
I feel the salty taste
As all of nature’s potency
Flies through the air with haste
I walk upon the shore
The sun is shining free
And all of my companions
Are wind and sky and sea
The freedom that it brings
As slowly life slides by
And clouds are stretched above me
Across the azure sky
I revel in these moments
Of contemplation deep
So when I rest my head tonight
I’ll dream when I’m asleep

Phil Sanders


The artist’s brush
A flashing lens
The words that flow
Creative ends
A picture forms
A song appears
The book is written
That lasts for years
A gentle stroke
As life is formed
A peaceful beach
A raging storm
All are captured
All are seen
Within one’s mind
Upon its screen
Transported then
To canvas .. page
For all to wonder
Every age ….

Phil Sanders


The fiery sun is raging
As it burns away the night
The sweetness of the morning
With dawn’s first searing light
A passion stirs within us
As the day begins to rise
All men should feel reborn
With wonder and surprise
The darkness now is banished
For a softer subtle light
And everyone is smiling
As the sun brings such delight

Phil Sanders


Close your eyes ..
Feel the dawn
Think of time
When you were born
The beating of ..
Your mother’s heart
It gives the day..
A lovely start
Like fluffy clouds
And ringing chimes
They make you think..
Of gentle times
A baby’s cry..
A child’s sweet laugh
Such memories ..
Mind’s photographs
A warming fire..
In Winter time
A Summer breeze
A clever rhyme
Let them flow
All over you
A moment’s magic
Warm and true

Phil Sanders


And as the wind goes sweeping
Through the mirrors of your mind
Just rid yourself of problems
And you will quickly find
The beauty deep inside you
The peace you always seek
A moment of tranquillity
As gentleness does leak …
From every pore within you
Allowing all your charm
To fill you with such pleasure
And shelter you from harm
So let the morning sunrise
Be the beacon of your way
And love yourself and nature
Each and every day

Phil Sanders


Touch the wind
Kiss the rain
Hold the sun
Cry again
Feel the snow
Hug the clouds
Stroke the grass
Sing aloud
Fly with eagles
Swim with fish
Hold the trees
Make a wish
Watch the moon
Wish with stars
Wrap the night
Within your arms
Love the moment
Still the pain
Take the love
And smile again

Phil Sanders


Just twenty four hours
Can make my mind flow
As once more this morning
The earth has a glow
A shining new brightness
To start up the day
A vivid new dawning
To light up my way
So sing with the birds
And dance with the trees
As this wondrous morning
Has warmth on the breeze
A reaffirmation
Of nature and love
As once more the rays
Of light are above

Phil Sanders


Whispering winds
Pass by without sound
Ruffling my hair
Floating around
Freeing my senses
Clearing my mind
The freedom they sow
Helps me unwind
There I will fly
Thoughts now set free
Whatever I want
Whoever to be
No world to hold me
Restrictions are banned
I walk slowly barefoot
Feet in the sand
Feeling the motion
As air fills my soul
Mind in a trance
My body feels whole
To sail on the waves
Of fortunes bright seas
To walk across mountains
So utterly free
So catch the next breeze
Fly with your mind
Release all the tension
See what you find

Phil Sanders


Overcast …the grey skies call
The silent morning forth
A stillness that is tangible
As rain comes from the north
The sun is trying manfully
To part the darkened clouds
But still their strength prevails
And no light is allowed
The day begins less cheerfully
Without the sunlight’s burst
As from the dark horizon
It quenches night’s black thirst
No strident vivid patterns
Across the river wide
No clear distinctive change
As night is pushed aside
So slowly now the birds
Begin a plaintive song
Hoping that the brightness
At last will come along
And likewise I stare soulfully
And wish the day some cheer
Without the grey dead dullness
Replaced by sunlight here

Phil Sanders


Slowly my eyes open and see the morning sun
A vision of gentle propriety
The day washes round me like a mountain stream
Cool and clear in its intensity
My mind stirs and the first thoughts of the day
Float like clouds in my head
The world beckons and my body stirs slowly
And carefully I rise from my bed
What wonders will the day hold for me now
As the open front door beckons
Which senses will be stimulated first
Whilst all my thoughts reckon
Will nature blow its beauty all within my eyes
Like a kaleidoscope of colour
Or will she decide the day to be just dismal and dull
And make me wish for another
The challenge of the beginning as I reach to the unknown
And pray for gentleness and joy
Awash with expectation and desire for peace
This early morning boy

Phil Sanders


Wistfully wondering how will the day
Break into sunshine or dampen my way
Dreaming of light as it falls from the sky
Wanting to see all the colours so high
Watching the raindrops that fall in my eyes
Feeling the storm as it blows and it sighs
Wishing the Summer to burst into life
Missing the rays that banish all strife
Where have you gone oh sweet Summertime
We all need the freshness and beauty sublime
So breathe all your sweetness once more in our minds
And cover the storm clouds with brilliant blinds

Phil Sanders


Incessant rain just drowns the Summer hopes
As it washes down the weeping petals dreams
A canvas full of water as it falls
One never ending symphony it seems
A moment as the sun breaks through the clouds
Awakening the warmth and pleasant wind
But all too soon the might of darkened clouds
Causes all the beauty to rescind
I watch the drops upon the window pane
A maudlin feeling courses through my soul
Awaiting when the brightness of the sky
Will once again refresh and make me whole

Phil Sanders