Personalised Poetry

Why not have that special moment (anniversary, birthday, retirement) or that special person immortalised in a poem specifically written for them
If you wish to have a poem dedicated to that special someone or that specific occasion then contact me by email on the address shown on the links page and I will give you a FREE quotation for your particular requirements. In the email please give details of the person, the occasion and some background (the more that you can provide the better). (As an example a 16 line poem would cost around £25 with framing and / or copy to a photograph extra)

In addition you can have the poem framed or copied onto one of the photographs on display in the Galleries. Email now for more details .........

Examples and plaudits below:

Saturday morning contrails (1)


For 50 years they’ve been as one
And seen each dawn … each rising sun
Sharing love and feeling peace
Together they are so at ease
George was a boxer of renown….
He certainly put many down
Then one day whilst they’re on a coach
He’s at the back, beyond approach
But as he passed the coat he threw
And to the floor it passed and flew
And as they went back to their seats
Its stamped on by so many feet
George… Teddy Boy with girls around
But Flo knew she could turn him round
Despite Mar’s worries for her lass
And winding clocks to make them fast
And then in Nineteen Fifty Nine
The sun rose high with such a shine
As Flo and George exchanged their vows
In Dingle … making them so proud
Then came Ann upon the scene
Shortly later George appeared
Then Wendy, Brian came along
Filling hearts with pride and song
From coal to knocking houses down
George has always made Flo proud
A couple with that love so strong
Now wonder years have passed so long
St Annes Road Aigburth, dark and drab
Mum just loved it … not so Dad
But she soon made a home so bright
With happiness each day and night
A home where parties came alive
And Saturdays they went to jive
When Grandmas dinners fed us all
And everyone just had a ball
With Sid and Eric plus Val too
A part of all this tale so true
George loved his cars .. one called a Hurst
Plus hole in floor… it was the first
As years have passed they’ve changed in style
Rollers always make him smile
Such joy the family knew and shared
Its carried on throughout the years
So raise your glasses high and say
Flo and George …. Enjoy your day

Phil Sanders

"Thank you ever so much for your wonderful poem.
Mum & Dad were I believe overwhelmed by it."


Her laughter echoes round my mind
I think of all those wondrous times
When .. even though she was in pain
She always saw the sun .. not rain
Her face was always wreathed in smiles
Through all the many heartache miles
And thought of others not herself
A bundle of life’s greatest wealth
Who knows what anguish she endured
From day to day without a cure
But still with Noah by her side
She faced the world with lengthened stride
Her head held high .. her thoughts so true
Her only thoughts .. not her .. but you
Her stories made the person live
The accent she could always give
Her daughters ..sad .. but in a while
The thing that they will see .. her smile
A woman whom this earth was glad…
To have had time to know … not sad
A person with such gentle ways
We’ll miss her now and every day

Phil Sanders